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Scilab Codes Project will offer you complete guidance and support for code development. We provide simple Scilab codes for students who feel Scilab as difficulty in programming. We have focused on Scilab as the majority of image processing applications are developed using Scilab. Scilab codes are easily interfaced with other programming languages like C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, Tcl/Tk, and Ocaml. We have developed nearly 1000+ Scilab projects worldwide. Our Scilab codes project offers you complete support for your project i.e., from the domain/topic selection up to the final implementation and submission of the project. Our world-class experts are always available online to guide and support your needed codes in Scilab.

Scilab Codes Project

   Generally, the Scilab codes project gives you complete codes for your Scilab projects. Scilab codes are very useful in specific numerical computation and linear algebra. To develop simple Scilab codes with high quality, we need to interface Scilab with other programming languages. Here we briefly explain the Scilab interfacing.

Scilab Interfacing

Scilab Interface With C

  • C programming language is a major for scilab code development
  • It takes less amount of time for execution.
  • File extensions are .c and .h[header files]
  • And so on

Scilab Interface With C++

  • To overcome the problem of structures in c, here we use class objects.
  • Scilab kernel 6 is highly using C++
  • Whenever the scilab source code is comples to understand, that time C++ code is used.
  • File extensions are .cpp and also .hxx[header files]

Scilab Interface With Java

  • Scilab and java is interfacing in the following areas
    • GUI[Graphical User Interface]
    • Xcos
    • Graphics
    • Text-editor
    • And so on

Scilab Interface With Tcl/Tk

  • Tcl/Tk interpreter is supported in scilab
  • With Tcl/Tk scripts are executable inside scilab using TCL EvalFile or TCL_EvalStr and also Graphical Editor
  • And so on

Scilab Interface With Ocaml

  • Ocaml is a functional, object oriented and also imperative programming language used in Xcos.
  • File extensions: .ml and .mli
  • And so on
Scilab Source Codes Projects for Students

//Sample Program For Scilab Interface With Java

Scilab S=new scilab();



Scilab Double a=new ScilabDouble(3.1458);



ScilabType b=S.get(“b”);


Few Research Topics For Scilab Codes Project

  • Mobile application for remote control of thermo optical part
  • Metabolic flux analysis in isotope labeling experiments also using the ad joint approach
  • Triplet: A clustering scheduling algorithm also for heterogeneous systems
  • Document Image Processing also for paper side communications
  • Novel Detection Technique also for smartphone visible light communications
  • Shot boundary detection also based on multilevel difference of color histograms
  • Image Semantic segmentation also based FCN-CRF model
  • Real GPR signal processing for target recognition also with circular array antennas
  • Automatic Urdu speech recognition also using Hidden markov model
  • Speed improvement of object recognition also using Boundary bit map of histogram of oriented gradients
  • Robust color guided depth map restoration
  • Low rankness transfer also for realistic denoising
  • Robust arbitrary view gait recognition also based on 3D partial similarity matching

   Hope you feel satisfied about this information. This is the fundamental for scilab interfacing, which we emphasized in this article to give some information to students.  For further guidance on scilab, approach our experts through online by 24/7.

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