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Electronics is the field that is based on electronic circuits, devices, and the communication components such as integrated circuits, transmitters, and receivers. In addition, this system includes wave progression, antennae, microwave engineering, satellite communication, microprocessors, analog and digital transmission, reception of data, basic electronics, and voice and video such as AM, FM, and DTH. In the following, we have highlighted the list of electronics research areas and they are used to select the PhD topics in electronics.

Research Area in Electronics

  • Instrumentation
  • Signal processing
  • Analog communications
  • Biometrics
  • Voice recognition
  • Digital image processing

How to Perform Satellite Communication Using Matlab?

The toolbox based on satellite communication is used to permit the users to visualize and model the satellite orbits for the functions of link analysis and the access of calculations. In addition, the physical layer algorithms are functioning with the intersection to generate test waveforms, and perform golden reference design verification and  RF components and ground station receivers. Along with that, the toolboxes are used in the end-to-end satellite communication skills for the processes such as.

  • Analysis
  • Measure
  • Simulation
  • Configuration

How to Process Fingerprint Recognition using Python?

The fingerprint recognition is functioning with the extraction of minutiae point through the harris corner detection. The scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) is utilized to acquire the formal descriptor through the analysis of returned matches over the thresholds along with the significant points brute force hamming distance. The python libraries which are highlighted in the following are used for this performance.

  • OpenCV2
  • NumPy
  • SKimage

How to Implement Analog Communication using Matlab?

It is possible to create the Matlab code intended for the point to point analog communication along with amplitude modulation in the absence of noise. The modulating signal generation process is performed using the parameters such as.

  • Equation for modulating signal
  • Variable time
  • Period of modulating signal
  • Frequency of modulating signal
  • Amplitude of modulating signal

In addition, the carrier signal generation process is performed through the list of significant parameters and they are enlisted below.

  • Equation for the carrier signal
  • Amplitude of carrier signal
  • Frequency of carrier signal
Novel Research phd topics in electronics

How to Simulate a Wireless Communication on NS3?

The propagation and mobility layers in NS 3 architecture is used in the communication process. The simulation of maritime wireless communication is developed through the propagation layer through the utilization of the path loss model. The mobility layer includes the simulation tools for the recreation of scenarios based on maritime communications and the nodes are wavering as per the movements of sea waves. The Wave movement model is implemented for the mobility model with the various node heights and simulation.

Algorithms and Techniques in Electronics

Various advanced algorithms are optimized, articulated, and characterized as mathematical packages which are similar to the Matlab that is functional in various functions such as.

  • Stochastic estimation
  • Solving boundary value problems
  • Signal processing
  • Various numerical analysis challenges

In addition, our research professionals have enlisted the research algorithms that are functional in electronics-based research projects.

  • Standard specific implementations
    • Brute force intelligence
    • AGA8 volume correction techniques
  • Solving differential equations
    • Finite element methods
    • Evaluation of integrals
    • Eigenvalue decompositions
  • Solving systems of equations
    • Interactive methods
      • Jacobi
      • Gauss-Seidel
    • Non-interactive methods
      • QR decompositions
      • Cholesky
      • LU
      • Gaussian elimination
  • Time of flight measurement algorithms
    • Secure and encrypted insite updated techniques
    • RF time of flight measurement
    • Time of flight measurement
  • Ultra-low power algorithms
    • Replacement of the floating point arithmetic with the integer arithmetic as the acceptable error
    • Algorithm cost analysis
    • Multiplications and additions
    • Reduction of division numbers
  • Statistics and probability theory
    • Monte Carlo simulations
    • Filter design to target error convergence performance in precision metering
    • Noise prediction through the design, characterization, and filtering
  • Secure, encrypted in situ update techniques
    • Deriving the macroscopic behavior from microscopic mathematical models
  • Design, analysis, and simulation of control systems
    • Closed loop fuel injection control for automobiles
  • Digital signal processing
    • Real-time FPGA and MCU implementations
    • Digital filter design for video and audio applications
    • Multidimensional fast Fourier transform implementations

Our well-experienced and highly qualified team of research experts provides the appropriate research assistance for the research work. Therefore, the research scholars can rely on us for your research support to design latest phd topics in electronics. In addition to that, we have listed some significant research technologies based on the ECE system in the following.

What are the Latest Technologies in ECE?

  • Bi-direction DC-DC converter
  • 3D optical data storage technology
  • Image authentication technique 
  • Digital audio broadcasting
  • Wavelength division multiplexing
  • Hart communication
  • Bluetooth-based smart sensors networks
  • Inter vehicle communication
  • Optical Ethernet
  • 5G wireless system
  • 8K high-resolution camera system
  • Piezoelectric energy harvesting
  • Space solar power

In addition, research technologies are being developed with some future applications on the one hand and research challenges on other hand. For your ease, we have listed out the significant research trends in electronics along with the notable specifications that are used in the implementation process.

Current Trends in Electronics

  • Secure symmetric authentication for RFID tags
    • The radiofrequency identification system abbreviated as RFID is related to the identification technology system used to identify the objects over the tags in the light of sight among the tag reader and tags
  • Biometric machine
    • It is based on the embedded system and deployed in the development of biometric secure machines and for the provision of speed and accuracy
  • Surveillance camera control system
    • It is the provision of security in public places such as colleges, shops, and roads to capture the visuals to monitor the functions. In addition, the surveillance cameras are fixed devices with about 270-degree coverage
  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)
    • It is similar to the process of the light-emitting diode and it is one of the significant technologies in electronics that are deployed in various electronic devices including computer monitors, TV screens, and portable systems like mobile phones

There are several research trends in the electronic research field. Once you get a practical explanation from our research professionals, then you can easily understand all the significance of PhD topics in electronics. Now, let’s have a look at some other research trends based on electronics in the following.

What are the Recent Trends in Electronics?

  • FSO technology
    • Free space optic technology is abbreviated as FSO technology and it is based on wireless communication technology. The modulated visible signals and infrared signals are transmitted using this technology. The lasers are deployed in the data transmission process
  • Nanotechnology in electronics
    • It is deployed in various application areas including space and medical technology. Nanorobots have a significant phase in the biomedical field specifically in kidney stone removal, cerebral aneurysm, and the treatment of cancer
  • Sensor technology
    • It is used in the electronic system design and the device namely the sensor to sense and responds to the type of input in both environmental and physical conditions such as light, pressure, and heat
  • Solar cell technology
    • It is accessible in the source of renewable energy through the electricity generated using solar panels. In addition, they are called the array of solar photovoltaic cells which is used to convert the sunlight towards the usable electricity

Moreover, our research professionals have years of experience in handling PhD research works along with the subsidiary research methodologies and technologies. To tell the truth, the technical experts implement the research projects using the appropriate research tools and protocols. Additionally, here we have listed a few PhD topics in electronics essential for research scholars to develop their projects.

Latest Research PhD Topics in Electronics

  • Soft computing and applications
  • IoT-enabled systems design
  • Medical electronics
  • Digital control engineering
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Advanced microcontrollers
  • Data converters
  • Mixed-signal and CMOS analog IC design
  • Multimedia compression and networks
  • Speech processing
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Optoelectronics and optical networks
  • Electromagnetic interference and compatibility
  • Digital switching and transmission
  • Cryptography and network security
  • Wireless communication networks
  • Communication
    • Satellite
    • Digital
  • RF microelectronics
  • Millimeter and optical wave communication
  • Control systems engineering
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Linear integrated circuits
  • Digital signal processing
  • Transmission lines and waveguides
  • Signals and systems
  • Electromagnetic fields and waves
  • Electronic circuits

What are the Project Topics in Electronics?

  • Short-length series connected 5G communication networks for communication in urban regions.                               
  • A sensitive MEMS sensor for the completion with integrated powder-based permanent magnets and planar coil for sensing metallic particles
  • Enhanced hardware on chip architecture for wireless networks for nanodevices
  • Evaluation of software-defined wireless architecture with microchannels

What are the Research Topics in Electronics?

  • Design and implementation of vehicle parking system using image-based feature extraction and pattern recognition technique
  • Analysis and simulation of rectangular-shaped microstrip patch antenna using semi-analytic FEM method
  • Design and implementation of two-stage differential current and voltage-controlled current conveyors using 45nm CMOS technology
  • The 14-bit MS/s SAR ADC design with hybrid analog-digital for nanometer CMOS/Memristor circuits
  • Convolutional neural network-based breast cancer detection and diagnosis using mammographic image

For your quick reference, our research professionals have enlisted some simulation tools that are functional in the implementation of PhD research projects in the electronics research field.

Simulation Tools in Electronics

  • NS3
    • It provides an extensible and open network simulation platform for the networking processes. It includes some modules such as
      • Spectrum models
      • LR WPAN models
      • Energy models
      • Propagation models
      • UAN models
      • Wi-Max models
      • Wi-Fi models
      • LTE models
  • Matlab and Simulink
    • It is deployed to accelerate the designs based on embedded systems with the interacting components
    • Enhancement of digital control systems for the process such as
      • Batter systems
      • Power converters
      • Motors
    • Create real-time signal processing systems
    • Explore and analyze the algorithms and signals
  • Python
    • It is mainly used in the industrial applications with a set of libraries such as
      • Pandas
      • Scipy
      • Matplotlib
      • Numpy
    • It is considered the extensive industrial application in the electrical and electronics engineering areas including
      • Prediction of electrical motors
      • Power Electronics
      • Internet of things
      • Test equipment automation
      • Data visualization
      • Embedded systems
      • Automation
      • Control system engineering
      • Image processing
      • Signal processing

To this end, we have highlighted the fundamentals of the electronics research field. Our research professionals provide complete research assistance for the research scholars to develop their PhD papers. We utilize the required simulation tools, research protocols, technical methodologies, experimental analysis, etc. to acquire the finest research PhD topics in electronics with the best customer support over all the modes of communication. So be fast to reach out to our technical experts for your best PhD research work.

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