Power Electronics Projects


Power Electronics Projects brings your view into the project. Electronics is the concept of ‘creating devices that are powered by electric source’. That is to say, the electronics has become more potent by the transmission of electrical signals. In brief, the key to activate routine life is electronics. With this purpose in our thoughts we lead you with plenty of emerging topics.

     Power electronic devices generate electricity to start any type of devices such as ‘home appliances, engineering machines and others’. For instance, it can control motor and rotor speed. In this case, the growth in all the self-run means of transport has gained more care in these days. Must remember that the connectors as virtual bus and non-virtual bus have to be in the right structure. By this way, our team is here to point out a set of new power electronics projects for you.

New Automotive Topics for Power Electronics Projects

  • Hybrid electric vehicle
  • Drone vehicle
  • Nuclear power system
  • Cable inspecting robot
  • Route mapping vehicle
  • High altitude UAV
  • Aerospace design and Tracking route
  • Self-decision making robots

    In truth, we will do the best of best for the students with prompt supply. At this instance we would like to give you with a list of fresh topics here.

Emerging Power Electronic Topics

  • 5G OFDM
  • Cybersecurity of electronic components
  • Eco-friendly renewable energy system
  • Mobile power transfer system
  • Advanced DC Microgrid
  • Sensor based power metering
  • High-voltage dc transmission
  • Harmonic stability in energy system
  • Switching motors
  • Hybrid AC or DC power grids

    The renewable energy is for production and distribution from various power plants which will balance its usage. In fact, this RES subjects with few challenges that are main, since so far it is an attentive topic. Hereby, we list with the critical issues below.

Critical Real-time Issues to be noted in RES design

  • Abnormal temperature changes (Rain and Storm)
  • Voltage or current disorder
  • Poor power factor
  • High components cost
  • Storage capacity  
  • Human health dangers

   This RES connects to grids for serving with electrical energy for all appliances. As long as and till now our team is familiar on all energy sources as solar, wind, wave, biomass and tidal. For more details, we give you with the metrics in RES.

Fundamental Parameters of RES

  • Output power generated
  • Quality factor
  • Energy loss
  • Fuel cost
  • Active and Reactive power
  • Power exchange and disturbances
  • Served number of loads
  • Maximum gain
  • Stack voltage
  • Inductor current and Load effect

       Of course, our team learns with all the latest updates each day on the growth of this field. As a result, our aid will shape your project into real one. All in all we are here to give our novel idea to you.

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