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Matlab Based Projects for Electronics offers you an innovative platform to nurture your creative and ingenious minds to bring out the best project to enhance your academic grades and performance. Being the world’s most renowned institute, our only focus and goal is student satisfaction and contentment. We have started our service with the only motive in mind that everyone should be able to afford our service throughout the world. We are proud to say that we have served students from nearly 120+ countries with 5000+ projects. Our standard and quality make us the best in the midst of numerous leading institutes and will remain the best forever.

We have done numerous matlab based projects for electronics in various domains using KIT implementation with Matlab. Due to the Simulink/Matlab interfacing support, electronics students can opt Matlab for their project implementation. Here, we have provided a few major research areas and topics for students to get an idea about their project. Once you are done with your research area, approach us, we will be back to you with our expert’s service to offer you complete project guidance support.

Matlab Based Projects For Electronics

Few Major Research Areas

Matlab Support For Robotics System Toolbox
  • Used for the simulation and result analysis with Real Robots and serve as a powerful tool for Education
  • Provide support for:
    • Path following, path planning and map representation algorithms
    • Interface to ROS enabled simulators and also Gazebo
    • Imports data from Rosbag log files
    • ROS code generation from Simulink
    • Bidirectional communication with live ROS enabled Robots etc
    • And so on
  • Toolbox for interfacing Matlab with Real Robots

Major Functions Involved

  • Dynamics
  • Kinematics
  • Trajectory Generation

Algorithms Used

  • Path Following using Pure Pursuit
  • Path planning using Probabilistic Roadmaps
  • Occupancy Grid Map representation
  • Obstacle Avoidance+ VFH
  • And also more

Major Applications

  • Humanoid robots
  • Arm based Robots
  • Remote controlled robotic vehicle
  • Obstacle avoider robotic vehicle
  • Hand motion controlled robotic arm
  • Bomb disposal robot
  • Agricultural robot
  • And so on
Matlab based mini major projects for electronics

Control Systems

Matlab Support For Control System[Control System Toolbox]

  • Used to manipulate and analyze LTI Models and also provide support for discrete and continuous time systems
  • Provide support for:
    • Automatic tuning of gain scheduled, PID, arbitrary SISO and also MIMO Control systems
    • State space, transfer function, frequency response and also zero pole gain models of linear system
    • Continuous time model discretization, Model representation conversion and also low order approximation of high order systems
    • Analyzing stability and performance using time domain and also frequency domain tools
    • Bode diagrams, Root locus, LQG,LQR and also state space design techniques

Major Methodologies Employed

  • Pole placement
  • Gain selection from root locus
  • Linear Quadratic Gaussian[LQG] regulation
  • And so on

Major Supported Functions

  • Impulse response
  • Step response
  • Initial Condition response
  • General linear simulation
  • Input signal Response
  • And also more

Major Applications

  • RFID based security access control system
  • GSM based stepper motor speed control system
  • Alternating current control system also using programmable interface
  • Digital temperature control system
  • And so on

Research Areas

  • Linear Control[Multi agent systems, social phenomena, control of radiotherapy]
  • Robotics and Autonomy[Humanoid robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, environmental monitoring]
  • Networked and distributed Control[Coordinated autonomous vehicles, smart power grids, transportation networks]
  • Robust and also adaptive control[Human robot interaction, computer aided manufacturing]
  • Novel actuator and also sensor technology
  • Autonomous robotic vehicles and bio robotics

Other Major Research Areas

  • Signal processing[SP for communications, Speech/Audio, Video, Compressive sensing]
  • Microelectronics[CMOS for RF, Low power circuits, MEMS and also sensors, Nano Devices]
  • RF/Photonics[Antennas, RF MEMS, Optical communication, and also Biosensor]
  • Electronic system[Agri electronics, digital systems, and also embedded systems, power electronics]
  • Semiconductor devices[IC design, MEMS and also Microsensors, hybrid Microcircuits, Photonics and optoelectronics]
  • Electron tubes[Magnetrons, Gyrotron, Klystron, and also raveling wave tubes, Plasma devices]
  • Communication[MIMO technologies, coding theory, and also cognitive radio, wireless communication]
  • VLSI and also Embedded systems
  • Electromagnetic and Microwave
  • And so on

Recent Research Topics For Electronics Project

  • Robotic Endoscope system with compliance effect of velocity control and adaptive impedance also for assistive laparoscopic surgery
  • Navigation control of Mobile Robotic system in a dynamic and semi-structured environment also for the purpose of controlled dose delivery of pesticides
  • An Integrated and novel approach for rapid robotic assembly planning, control and also prototyping
  • Motion coaching with adverbial expressions and emphatic motions for human beings also by Robotic system.
  • Robotic Manipulator as cloud service-an implementation of Network control system
  • Using the characteristics of Impulse and also its applications in Robotic systems tracking control of Networked Multi agent systems
  • Applications of Intelligent robust control for uncertain nonlinear time varying system also in Robotic systems.
  • Reactive force observer for fault tolerant control system of flexible arm also for Sensor fault detection
  • Analysis and Modeling of packet dropouts and also transmission delays on the reliability of Digital networked control systems
  • A practical study of Integrated chassis control algorithm with suspension control and also brake control systems for vehicle stability and also performance handling criteria
  • Task specific characteristics and also Myoelectric control system voluntary use of Simultaneous control

   Here, we have mentioned a few major research areas along with a few recent research topics for students to get an idea about Matlab based projects for Electronics. We have taken two major domains and explained all the required information needed for your project. Similarly, to get complete details for other domains/research areas, approach us with your interested domain. We will assist you through our online guidance service. Our guide will make you hassle-free regarding your project as your project is our responsibility. Get our aid today to reach your destined success with our guidance and support.


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