Network Security Projects


Network Security Projects is here to solve all the security issues that is privacy, integrity and so on. Now it’s time to talk about network security which stands to look after from any type of malware or attack. Without doubt security is mandate on both wired and wireless topology.    

Why to Go with the Field of Network Security?

    To begin with, the expansion of internet access is one of the core reason to bring network security on all the fields. Since at present everything hang on internet that is a global network system to link wide. Until now the security is a need due to the three main purpose such as 1. To save a sensitive data from being loss, 2. To allow only logged users and 3. To identify compromiser.    

How to Solve a Security issue in Network?

  • Intrusion Detection system (NIDS, HIDS, APIDS, PIDS, VMIDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention system
  • Insider Threat Detection and also Prevention
  • Firewall policies
  • Strong validation (use advanced biometric)
  • Lightweight methods (Hashing or Cryptography)
  • Differential Privacy
  • Blockchain technology (Centralized or Decentralized)
  • BAN logic
  • Trust management framework
  • In-built Hardware design (like PUF, ReRAM PUF)

    To point out, the Network Security Projects faces some key challenges as securing user’s private assets, resource usage, access confidential data and also many more. To be sure the attackers into a network cause huge damage to network in terms of high drain of storage, occupy channels and others. 

Areas that need Network Security

  • All types of Ad hoc Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Software Defined Network
  • Cloud, Fog and also edge computing
  • Cellular communication
  • Smart environment (Industry, Grid and many more)
  • Big data
  • And so on…

   It is important to realize that each attacker have sole behaviour. The common intention of an attack is to jam the network. In simple, a Distributed Denial of Service attack floods out a huge number of fake requests towards a target network device. Similarly many other threats revolve in the network. Now let us give you a list of attacks and their methods to prevent.

Few Serious Network Attacks

  • Worm attack
  • Zero day attack
  • Local False Data Injection
  • Fraudulent resource consumption
  • Eavesdropping and link attack
  • Side channel
  • Dopv attack
  • Combating attack
  • Wormhole, Blackhole, and also grey hole
  • Replay attack
  • And so on…

Best of Best Methods for Network Security Projects

  • Graph Hash functions
  • National cryptography algorithm
  • Automata security policy
  • CNN-BiLSTM-CRF threat recognition
  • Kernel function in AI
  • NN-Chaotic encryption algorithm
  • Signcryption algorithm
  • Fuzzy trust estimation
  • And so on…

    Before we end up this, we are glad to tell you that we are clear on all the above. Even if the topic is not here, you can come out with your own too. Since we are not narrow to these topics from the area of network security.  

Likewise we keep walking with the trend. That is to say we give main concern for new topics at first. So that your topic looks into the future from anyone else. To conclude we say that your success is in front of you.

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