Medical Image Processing Projects


Medical Image Processing Projects is the clear blueprint for the students who be set to do a project on medical image processing. It is not a new field, but it is a crucial part to extend more on healthcare field. In this area, medical images are the vital assets to show the inner part of the human organs. For example, clinical applications are running using medical images. Here, any health injury finding is simple when capture a medical image.  

Now, let’s view some info of medical image processing.

Medical Image Modalities and Purpose

  • Cardiovascular Images
  • Liver Images
  • Gastrointestinal Tract and also in Oncology Images
  • Breast Images
  • Chest Images
  • Lungs Images
  • Esophagus and also in Bladder Images
  • Brain Images
  • Chest and also Pancreas Images
  • Kidney Images
  • Cervix Images
  • And also many more
  • Mammography Images
  • Fluroscopy Images
  • Contrast Radiography and also in Arthography Images
  • Discography Images
  • Dexa Scan and also in Upper GI Images
  • And also many more
  • Cardiology Images
  • Infected Tissues and also in Oncology Images
  • Pharmacokinetics and also in Neuro Imaging Images
  • And also many more
  • Breast Images
  • Doppker Images
  • Spleen Images
  • Abdominal and also in Cranial Images
  • Gallbladder and also in Spleen Images
  • And also many more
Hybrid Modality
  • PET and also in CT
  • PET and MRI
  • SPECT and also in CT
  • MRI and CT
  • MRI and also in SPECT
  • US and CT
  • US and also in MRI
  • And also many more

Medical Image Processing Operations

  • Image-Enhancement
  • Image Registration
  • Image-Segmentation
  • Image Perception
  • Motion Analysis
  • Image Fusion
  • Features Clustering
  • Feature Extraction
  • Feature Selection
  • Similarity Computing
  • Image Texture Analysis
  • Pattern Feature Classification
  • And also many more

The above said jobs have also deal with your projects as per the topics that you chose. Over the eras, this field is trending on cancer diagnosis. Due to cancer effects, more medicines and detection ways have work out.

For example, when you select a topic is ‘Tumor Detection’, then we work on the following way.
  • Step 1: Image / Dataset Collection
  • Step 2: Image Preprocessing
    • Denoising
    • Contrast Enhancement
  • Step 3: Edge Segmentation
    • Region Growing
    • Wavelet Modulus Maxima
  • Step 4: Feature Extraction
    • Feature Vector Modeling
    • Triplet Features Extraction (Color, Shape, and also Texture)
  • Step 5: Feature Selection
    • Optimum Features Set Finding
  • Step 6: Classification
    • Tumor Detection also by Deep Learning

Medical Image Processing Projects Areas

  • COVID-19 Impact in Analysis
  • Medical Robotics for Surgery
  • Content –based also in Medical Image Retrieval
  • Internet of Medical Things
  • Earlier Disease Diagnosis
  • 3D Image Reconstruction
  • CT Dose Reduction
  • Calcium Scoring
  • And also many more

Latest Sustained Algorithms

  • Diffusion Weighted Model
  • Sparsity based Algorithm
  • Inceptioned U-Net
  • Augmented Stain D-CNN
  • Deep Atlas Network
  • HeadLocNet
  • Bayesian Filtering
  • And also many more

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