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Image Processing in Matlab Projects is the best thing that wants to do the DIP project through Matlab. We will find it for our students. For the most part, scholars refer to this field as Digital Image Processing (DIP). DIP is an interesting field that can work in any field. Matlab is the best platform for implementing projects based on the image processing concept. Many students and scholars pay will attention to the combined domain. On this page, we have presented a few main DIP methods for your reference.

Preprocessing Methods In Image Processing In Matlab Projects

Image Enhancement

Contrast enhancement and stretching
  • Edge enhancement and Histogram equalization
  • Gamma value adjustment
  • Decorrelation stretching
  • And also many more
Noise Filtering
  • Low and High pass
  • Mean and Median
  • Linear and Adaptive filter
  • And so on
Color Adjustment and Conversion
  • Pseudo Coloring with Gray to RGB Conversion
  • CIE Color Modeling
  • And also more
Sharpening and magnifying
  • Remap functions, Deblurring and Resizing
  • And so on
Morphological operators
  • Dilation and closure, Opening and closing
  • And also many more

Image Analysis

Object ,texture and shape analysis
  • Quad tree decomposition and Boundary tracing
  • Entropy and SD filtering along with GLCM
  • And so on
Image quality analysis
  • PSNR, SSIM, MSE and also more
Image Transforms
  • Radon, Hough, Fab beam and also Fourier transform
  • And so on
Image Processing in matlab with source code for students

   To this point, we understood the explicit functions performed on the Image processing projects in Matlab. Hereafter we are going to look at the further depth concepts of DIP. Towards the end of this section, you will receive an overall theme of our DIP projects.

Main Procedures Of Image Processing Projects In Matlab

Image Segmentation

  • Edge detection and Thresholding
  • Region growing, Texture and Watershed segmentation
  • K-means clustering and Graph partition methods
  • Multi scale and model  and Variational methods (PDE)

Feature Extraction and selection (Shape, color, texture)

  • PCA, ICA, …
  • Multi-factor dimensionality reduction
  • Partial least squares and Latent semantic analysis
  • Nonlinear dimensionality reduction
  • Multi-linear subspace learning
  • And so on

Image Classification

  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Decision Tree and SVM
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • And so on

   The previously mentioned things did not become finite. We are denoting the above all for your reference. We hope that it speaks the truth of our service and can work beyond everything in the world. The rock formation is a strong inspiration for our experts. Since it does not change from that nature when we are melting or cooling, likewise, our concepts are solid that does not crash at any condition, and nobody can change it. Your problems are like solutions that grow in many directions and finally find the best destination.

Main Applications of Image Processing In Matlab Projects

  • ITS, Textiles and forensics
  • Graphical arts and printing industry
  • Military applications and Moving object tracking
  • Film industry and document processing
  • Aerial surveillance (ocean and land surveillance)
  • Remote sensing
    • City planning and Flood control
    • Resource mobilization
    • Agricultural production monitoring
    • And so on
  • Automatic visual inspection system
    • Incandescent lam filaments
    • Surface inspection systems
    • Faulty component identification
  • Biomedical imaging techniques
    • Heart and lung disease identification
    • Digital mammograms disease detection
    • Imaging tools like CT, X-ray ,MRI and also ultrasound
    • And so on
  • And also many more

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