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Matlab Based Major Projects for ECE is one of our novel services that started with a Nobel goal to serve the students and scholars with all our expertise and vast knowledge. The majority of scholars face problems during their academic projects due to the lack of guidance and inadequate domain knowledge. We offer external guidance for scholars to uplift their career and enhance their academic grades with the help of our innovative and ground-breaking projects. Matlab Based Major Projects for ECE serves as a knowledge hub of innovative project ideas for students and research scholars worldwide.

Up to now, we have developed nearly 1000+ projects for students from 120+ countries with the help of our renowned experts and dynamic researchers. You can aid our guidance for your project accomplishment by just clicking one mail to us. We will be back to you with our team of experts to serve you 24/7. Now, let’s glance over a few major research areas and topics in Matlab for students to get a crisp idea about Matlab based ECE projects.

Major Research Areas/Domains

Power Electronics And Conversions

  • Energy storage
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Electrical machines
  • System integration
  • Superconducting applications
  • And also many more

Sensing, Imaging, And Signal Processing

  • Digital signal processing
  • Industrial process tomography
  • Information and vision processing
  • Electronic devices, materials and sensors
  • And so on

Microwave And Communication Systems

  • Wireless communication and networking
  • Computational electromagnetic
  • Circuit optimization and millimeter wave applications
  • Radar communication
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • And also many more

Electrical Energy And Power Systems

  • Smart distribution networks
  • High voltage and power system plant
  • Power system protection
  • Renewable energy systems
  • And so on

Control Systems

  • Control theory and applications
  • Robotics control vision
  • Process control and flow assurance
  • Control system for Autonomous systems
  • And also more


  • Si Microphotonics
  • Integrated circuits and systems
  • Solar energy conversion materials
  • QCL based nanophotonics
  • And so on

Hardware Design

  • Hard-ware Support In Matlab[Matlab/Simulink]
    • Hardware interfacing with Raspberry pi, Arduino, ARM, Altera, Xilinx, STMicroelectronics, Seeduino, and also proteus, Keil etc
    • Matlab interfacing with MultiSim and also Labview
    • Support Code generation in Embedded C, HDL coder and also PLC coder
    • Programming support[Programming FPGAs , programming microprocessor with C/C++, programming PLC etc]
    • Matlab/Simulink with SDR I/O
    • Matlab/Simulink with CAN I/O
    • Streaming android and also iphone into Matlab
    • Robotics with NAO,ROS and also LEGO
    • And so on
Matlab based major projects for ece students

Application Projects For ECE Students

  • Self balancing robot
  • Audio Alert system
  • Traffic light switching system
  • Automatic street light controlling system
  • DC Motor speed control
  • Walking robot
  • Infrared remote control applications
  • Tanker robot[Vision based surveillance]
  • Accident information[GPS and also GSM sensor]
  • Bomb disposal[Zigbee technology]
  • Water level indicator
  • Robot following light
  • Wireless motor control system
  • Smart antenna design
  • Motor speed monitoring system
  • Solar tracking system
  • And also many more

Latest Project Topics In Matlab For ECE

  • Spiking neural network model based on differential evolution also using Multi objective K-means algorithm
  • Hardware selection for control subsystem and also attitude determination of 1U Cube satellite application
  • Reducing the overall signaling overhead in LTE system by also analyzing the effect of tracking area list overlapping
  • PROSPECTOR: An approach for Multiscale energy measurement of Networked embedded systems also using wideband power signals
  • An innovative technique- Real time internet radio recorder also on Non DSP embedded systems
  • Dynamic batch rekeying scheme also for secure multicast communication using Multiple logical key trees.
  • Real time vehicular tracking and also monitoring system based on android applications and embedded Linux board.
  • Design and scalable analysis of system wide graceful degradation also in distributed embedded system applications
  • An embedded system design and also framework using Quran on chip for Internet enabled devices

Recent Topics In Matlab For ECE

  • Implementation of embedded system design also using commercial RTOS and low cost SoC computer devices
  • FPGA based embedded system platform also for the implementation of Mellin transform
  • Design of acquisition systems and also embedded control for ARM based industrial local area network
  • Implementation of Real time applications also using internet based interactive embedded data acquisition system
  • Power control of stand alone wind/photovoltaic/ energy storage hybrid generation system also using maximum power point tracker.
  • Using the generalized state space averaging method, also modeling of Multi converter more electric ship power systems

   In general, We have provided a few major research areas along with research topics for ECE students to get an idea about Matlab based major projects for ECE. We have provided it just for your reference. We mine innovative topics for each student as per their research interest to uplift their academic grades and performance with our support and expertise. For further guidance regarding your project/research, approach our experts available for you 24/7 online.


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