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Projects Based on Matlab for Electronics has started with an initiative of renowned experts and top researchers from all over the world with a sole motive to provide an innovative platform for student’s academic growth and enrichment. We have developed nearly 1000+ Projects Based on Matlab for Electronics  and, at present, working on 500+ projects for students from all over the world. Our vast experience and expertise make us an evergreen destination for the students, who are in aid of project guidance and support.

At present, we are serving students from 120+ countries with the help of our dynamic researchers available for student’s service at all parts of the world. We offer complete support for Projects Based on Matlab for Electronics students with the help of our versatile developers and dedicated professionals. Our developers are well certified and trained in Matlab [Simulink] to bring out the best and proficient projects for student’s academic enrichment and high grades. To get our aid to excel in your academic career, approach us now with all your will towards your success. As a part of our project service, we have provided a few significant information regarding the major research area and topics in Matlab for EEE students to get an idea about an electronics project.

Major Research Domains

  • Analog and also Mixed signal electronics
  • Power systems
  • Microwave and also RF antenna
  • Wireless communication and also Remote sensing
  • Biomedical imaging and also devices
  • Device cryptography and data security
  • Control system and Robotics
  • Digital Signal processing
  • And also many more
Top 9 projects based on matlab for electronics students

Concepts Involved In Electronics Projects Based On Matlab

  • Design of filter and also forward relay[MIMO OFDM Systems]
  • Wireless Networks[Cognitive Radio Networks, Vehicle Networks, Neural networks, and also Sensor Networks]
  • RSSI evaluation models[Indoor localization]
  • Shortest tree Routing[Zigbee Networks]
  • Modulation formats[Laser communication]
  • Smart lighting[Optical wireless networks]
  • Ultra Sound distance measurement
  • Hearing Aid for impaired people
  • Hydro power plant
  • RFID also used for door access control
  • Radiofrequencies controlled- Robotic car
  • 8051 Microcontroller- DC Motor speed control
  • Radar communication[Ship based radar, satellite based radar, and also ground based radar]
  • And so on

Research Topics For Electronics Project

  • Analyzing the effect of grid connected solid oxide fuel cell power generation on power systems also on small signal stability power systems
  • Structural analysis also for the evaluation of monitoring possibilities of power system topologies
  • Novel hybrid power conditioner for suppressing Neutral line current and also harmonics in three phase four wire distribution power systems
  • Estimation of stationary low frequency electromechanical modes of power systems also using ARMA block processing
  • Efficient optimization technique using Artificial Bee colony also for power system stabilization
  • Implementation of coordinated control method for PV-diesel hybrid systems connected to an isolated power utility also for leveling PV Output power fluctuation
  • Simulation and also study of unified power flow controller effect on power systems and applications
  • Constant power instability in vehicular power systems also using loop cancellation based active damping solution
  • Implementation of Robust recurrent neural network also based dynamic equivalencing in power system applications.
  • Power electronics intensive solution for hybrid electric, advanced electric and also fuel cell vehicular power system applications
  • Application of large scale space power systems also using solid state current limiting switch
  • Desalination applications of renewable energy also based small hybrid power systems in remote locations
  • Enhancing the reliability of power systems also using cost effective early warning system

   We hope you feel contented with our enlightened information. For further guidance regarding your project/research, approach our experts through our online tutoring service. Our experts will provide complete project guidance along with Matlab tutoring service for beginners in Matlab/Simulink. You can also bring your own novel concept/idea for your project accomplishment; we are pleasured to support your creative thoughts and ideas. Our experts are available for your service 24/7.


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