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Our power electronics matlab projects will unlock your success upon your longings. In recent times, many students opt for Power Electronics for their primary and mini-projects. Every student seeks sole ideas and premier results. At any rate, it sounds well and is the right decision too. But in the absence of core training, students struggle to locate their success. Do you also have these snags? Then, we are the one you are searching for.  Due to our Matlab interface projects provide programming and graphical support favor by many technocrats and creators all round the world.

3 Hand-Picked Fields for Matlab Power Electronics Projects 

System and Control

  • Feedback system
    • Feedback control system
    • Negative feedback loop
    • Positive feedback loop
  • Switch Control
    • Switching characteristics of Thyristor
    • IGBT
    • Power Diode and MOSFET

Electronics and Devices

  • Circuits
    • 3-Phase DC-DC converters
    • Line-commutated rectifier
    • Isolated circuits analysis
  • Power Semiconductor
    • MCT
    • TRIAC
    • RCT and GTO

Power and Energy

  • Motors and Drivers
    • Electric Motor
    • Scale driver
    • Brushed DC Motor
  • Power Supply Design
    • High-Voltage and performance supply
    • AC/DC Power supply
    • Switched Mode Power Supply
Power Electronics Projects for Engineering Students using Matlab

   Typically, electrical matlab simulink projects has more conflicts than in other fields. The main reason is that it covers most of the Electricals and Electronics. We say it is hard, but there are also smart ways to learn. The all-time best practice is ‘Our Tutor’ through online/offline. With our aid, you will gain all new concepts with exact detail. To be precise, we make your learning as joy and give you Cen percent results. 

12 First-Class Concepts for Matlab power electronics projects

  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Renewable resources
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Power Control [Integral cycle switching]
  • Light Control
  • Battery charger [Thyristor]
  • Buck-Boost Converter
  • Multi Sound generator
  • Power System Automation
  • Solar tracker [555 Timer IC]
  • Power failure Indicator [IC 555]
  • Synchronized Multi-Spark Module(SMSM)

10 Advanced Topics- Know the Future of Power Electronics

  • Renewable energy systems
  • DC-DC design for medical applications
  • Energy harvesting solutions 
  • Nano and quantum technology
  • Control system for electric vehicles
  • Two-phase thermal control systems
  • Photonic and optoelectronic circuits
  • EMI and over-voltage protection
  • Emergency situation management
  • Power factor detection and correction

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