Electric Vehicle Matlab Simulink Projects


Electric Vehicle Matlab Simulink Projects build a blissful way for you. Electric Vehicle (EV) is the icon of this era that uses Electric or Traction Motors for forward motion. For the most of EVs, the Renewable Batteries are vital. EVs mainly mean for roadway vehicles. In addition, it has used in Space and also Aircrafts. In any form, the focus of EV is to reduce fuel usage by using solar, wind and other sources. An EV consists of traction motor with controller. In particular, the upcoming smart EVs will have the ability for self-charging and control.

Electric Vehicle Matlab Simulink Projects Topics and Models

Hi-Five EV Models

  • Plug-in and Hybrid EVs
  • On and Off-Road EV
  • Railborne System
  • Space Rover Vehicles
  • Airborne and also Seaborne EVs

Hi-Five EV Topics

  • Modular Multi-level Converters
  • Parallel Hybrid EV by Fuzzy
  • Resonant Converter based Charging
  • Human-Hybrid EV Control and Automation
  • IC Engine for Hybrid EVs

To add a point, Electric Vehicle Conversion has get great effort worldwide. It realizes the conversion of current vehicle to EV. In another aspect, charging models and predictive control are too have better insights.

     Any of the EV system will rise your project to the next-age since EV is the next-gen topic. On the other hand, there are only few tools for EV modelling and analyzing. In our 18+ years of practice, Simulink offer finest results among them. It has plenty models and coders to assemble a real-time EV. Thus, we at all-time suggest Simulink to our clients.

Sample Electric Vehicle Project

Initial Configuration
  • Algorithm Parameters
  • Input and also Output Settings
  • Other Settings like Battery type
Useful Toolboxes
  • Simscape and Simscape Driveline
  • Simscape Electrical and also Stateflow
  • Simulink Desktop Real-Time
Import Models
  • PMSM Derive Subsystem
  • Cooling and also Thermal Subsystem
  • Vehicle Control Subsystem
Result Evaluation Metrics
  • Torque and Speed
  • Throttle Cruise and Temperature
  • Fuel Consumption

To mention that we are flexible to design your Electric Vehicle Matlab Simulink Projects as per your needs. Hence, each of your project is unique and sounds loud. Even you started your work you can share that work with us. We will complete the balance with 100% worth. In a word, you are free to reach us at any stage. We are here to take care on your work from there you left. What’s more, you want in your project? Just call us to clear all your doubts.

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