Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink Projects


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Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink Projects activates your final year ideas into a study model. Nowadays, the means of transport by vehicles is high, and hence this area is attentive in these days. EV is the short form of Electric Vehicle that moves on the roadway until the battery drains.

In a word, this electric vehicle design stands for the future since it reduces air impurity, fuel cost, etc. A bunch of experts from Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink Projects aids in all the below apps.

Real Time Applications of Electric Vehicle Model

  • Railway vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Roadway vehicles
  • Spacecraft
  • Above and also Under water
   Once the battery is empty, then it charges in any one of the three types, such as
  • Slow (3 to 6 kW),
  • Fast (7 to 22 kW)
  • Rapid (100 to 350 kW).
Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink projects for students

   In a similar fashion, the values of speed and torque are the key to move the Vehicle. Hence it needs an interface to link the battery and motor for which Controller Area Network is present. In this way, the Simscape Electrical and Simscape Driveline build a hybrid electric vehicle in SIMULINK. At the same time, the Simscape Driveline gives rotational and translational components like engines and also others.

Simulink Functions: Build Your Hybrid EV model

Model Parameters
  • Electrical Configuration
  • Battery and also vehicle Configuration
Fuel Consumption
  • Speed vector
  • Torque vector
Power Sweep
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle mass
Power Quality  
  • Motor speed
  • DC voltage

   Also, the EV can model with the Hardware In the Loop to test a real model. Simulink in Matlab gives the best support for EV design, such as fuel cell for the train, fuzzy control EV, etc. It permits to test with many setups by changing the speed and other factors. Above all, we list with the versions that support Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink Projects.

Electric Vehicle Modelling Simulink Projects – Matlab Versions

  • R2015a and R2015b
  • R2016a and R2016b
  • R2017a and R2017b
  • R2018a and R2018b
  • R2019a and also R2019b

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