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Electric Vehicle Charging Matlab Simulink Projects furnishes your subject matter with all needs. In short, let the electric vehicle be as EV that uses an electric motor for motion by means of an electric source. On the positive side, the EV is potent to give global warming, and hence it gains huge attention over the world.

In this case, it uses a battery, flywheel, fuel cell, and also sources from renewable energy. It is important to realize that it reduces excess fuel usage. To be clear, we give you the three main types of EV in which we work.

Types of Electric Vehicles                               

  • Battery EV (BEV)
  • Fuel Cell EV (FEV)
  • Extended Range EV (EREV)

It is being that each type of EV has few benefits. For example, the BEV has low noise, ease charge, flexible gear, and clutches. With this in mind, the Electric Vehicle Charging Matlab Simulink Projects deal with three processes, such as V2H, V2V, and also V2G. By this means the vehicle charges with the source. In fact, these electric vehicles are the future in the transport field.

Penta-Standard Methods for Charging Electric Vehicle

  • Non cooperative game
  • Pricing strategy
  • Spatial and Time model
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Magnetic Resonance Coupling

   To this end, we say that Matlab Simulink is the best tool for the EV model since it has Simscape, which aids with all the functions to test EV.

How to design electric vehicle charging model using matlab Simulink

Key concerns of Charging in an EV

  • Storage capacity validation
  • Optimize charging cost
  • Power Compensation
  • Charging effect
  • Power transfer efficiency

   On the other hand, the vehicle dynamics design supports on SimPower system on Matlab. To be advance, the EV is hybrid; that is, it merges internal combustion with electric propulsion.

Main Models on Electric Vehicle Charging Matlab Simulink Projects

Electric Vehicle Design
  • Battery with any source
  • Cooling system
  • PMSM drive
  • Thermal model
  • Feedforward vehicle control
Hybrid EV Design    
  • Energy Subsystem
  • Internal combustion
  • Electrical subsystem with converter and inverter
  • Gear system for vehicle movement
  • Fuel consumption model

   In contrast, the hybrid EV attains a high speed than the normal Electric Vehicle. To point out, the model in Matlab Simulink enables us to test at a fast run and slow run speed values too. With attention to this, the storage is wider to withstand large charge in it. To sum up, the Matlab Simulink roots for the physical model of vehicle as well as battery management. Learn more in detail to design electric Vehicle Charging Matlab Simulink Projects from expert panel team.

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