Cyber Security Projects


Cyber Security Projects carries top-notch novelties in a safer way. Cyber Security is the procedure of securing cyber elements like Computers, Information from theft or damage. As we all know, this is the Cyber-Period where all transactions carry the Digital Bits that is E-Data. Even if it opens up the way for new technologies, it also brings vulnerabilities at all. To mention a point, all of the smart devices have threats in Hardware and also Software. In detail, the Cyber Security Projects deal with both.

Cyber Security Facts: Noteworthy Threats and Defense Mechanisms

  • Denial of Service (DoS) and DDoS
  • Direct Access Attack
  • Multi-Vector and Polymorphic
  • Spoofing (IP, Link and many more)
  • Eavesdropping and Phishing
Defense Mechanisms
  • Blockchain aided Access Control
  • Insider Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Lightweight Crypto Mechanism
  • Multi-factor Authentication by Biometrics
  • Source and also Data Location Privacy

Besides, the number of threats and defense systems is growing at each time. The fact is that each day attackers launch new attacks such as new Ransomware, Trojans and so on. With this aim, this field receives its need in a number of research areas. In any of them, it uses several categories to assure security.


  • Cryptography and Steganography
  • Hardware Security (Physically Unclonable Functions)
  • Virtual Security Deployment
  • Computational Security (Secure Search and also Retrieval)
  • Differential Privacy (in ML and also DL algorithms)

Each class covers nearly 100+ algorithms. From that, it is basic to figure out apt one for the project. In broad, each project differs by the types and features of the threat. When framing a project, one needs to consider these stuffs. In the same way, attack location and the device ability are also key. Thus, the algorithms have to satisfy all of them. For example, IoT devices can use Lightweight Cryptography as to the point solution.


  • PRESENT and also ECC
  • Hummingbird 2
  • TEA and also XTEA
  • DNA cryptography
  • RC4, RC5 and also RC6

In any case, we will not over force any of the stuff. We only enforce prime policies as per your project demands. When you enroll with us, first our expert team will screen your needs. In the meantime, they take in deep research. At last, we endow mature project in your ideal tool. Along with that, we also bring all of your project details to your notice. For that, we have online and offline support desk. To have better insights, have a look on the future ideas too.

Cyber Security Projects: Learn Forthcoming Research Trends

  • Digital Forensics and also Data Provenance using SDN
  • Botnet Detection by Behavior Modeling
  • Security Ontologies for Access Control
  • Secure and Privacy-aware Auditing in hybrid cloud
  • Trust based scheduling by MapReduce
  • Cyberbullying prevention in social networks
  • And also many more

In short, we will find a unique way to lead your career. For that, we will go until every edge of the research. Thereby, you can have a positive feat in your work.

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