Satellite Communication Projects


Satellite Communication Projects is an elite dais to give you all the hit topics. In precise it defines that building a channel between source and also receiver. In detail, this stands into the future in the first place due to the far and wide connectivity. That’s why, it has been emerged with a special toolbox, and we call it as ‘COMMUNICATION’ in MATLAB for high speed data sharing.  Now, let’s look into the on-going growth in this field.

What goes around Satellite Communications in these days?

  • Inter-satellite in Optical wireless communication
  • Mobile Satellite communication
  • Satellite and also cognitive communications networks
  • Quantum theory in satellite communication
  • Navigation in satellite communication
  • Satellite communication in M2M
  • Edge Computing in Satellite networks
  • And also many more

Up-to-date developments in Satellite communication

  • Low earth orbit satellite communication
  • Relay network in Hybrid satellite terrestrial
  • Multi user and also in Multi relay
  • UAV to Satellite optical communication
  • Internet of Satellites in IoT (IoSat)
  • Heterogeneous satellite-cooperative network
  • And also many more

  Really this communication deals with higher price tag, hard uplink & downlink, large time and more as their challenges. On the positive side the future satellite based transmission looks for in 5G edge nets and in IoT. In case of 5G, it uses millimetre (mm) as well as sub-mm (THz) waves. With attention to this, RF is the base to create and validate multicarrier signal model.

   In recent days, this solves the need for internet to bond people all over the world. On taking this in mind it then permits to use point to point and point to multipoint communication. In simple this brings major welfares as high bandwidth, wide area and many more.   

Above all, here we provide a gist of areas in which we are more familiar.   

Key Focus in Satellite Communication are

  • PAPR effect reduction in MU-MIMO
  • Mobile device tracking and also routing
  • Positioning of the antenna in MIMO
  • Codebook also in OFDMA design
  • Privacy requirements in data transmission
  • Spectrum clustering and also utilization
  • Modulation techniques also for nonlinear effects
  • Satellite Constellation
  • Multifactor also in user Augmentation technologies
  • And also many more

Solutions Enrolled by our Satellite Communication Projects for Security issues

  • Anomaly detection by LSTM networks
  • Biometric also based in authentication
  • Multiple Encryption algorithm
  • Information-theoretic security
  • Blockchain technology also in satellite communication
  • Identification of spoofing signal
  • MAP techniques
  • Mutual authentication
  • And also many more

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