Underwater Wireless Communication Projects


Underwater Wireless Communication Projects gifts with all new concepts to knock up your doors. At first this underwater communication does deep ocean data transmission by each sensor to the end device either in straight or indirectly.

To begin with, this is carry out by acoustic waves that deals with low propagation speed, path loss and so on. Straightaway it supports FSK, PSK, FHSS, DSSS, MFSK and OFDM modulation on channels. By the time this Underwater Wireless Communication Projects gives you 3D-topology, MAC, routing, safe keeping and many more. In this manner it applies for monitoring marine habitat, pipe line, oil content, and more. Now let’s start with the basic devices in this sys.  

Components in Underwater Communication

1. Sensor
  • Sense the surrounding
  • Static or dynamic
  • Limited lifetime
2. AUV and Autonomous Surface vehicle
  • Gathers data from sensor
  • Fixed route or dynamic route
  • High lifetime than sensor
3. Surface Sink and Off-shore Sink
  • Collects data from vehicle or sensor
  • Single or multiple
  • No limit for lifetime
  • And also many more

Upon the above things, the collection of data by the network fulfils the need. In fact the light weight travel of sound speed rates at 1500m/s and hence it is also able to merge with other areas. And of course, this area chains with some more main realms. 

Underwater Wireless Communication Projects is Hybrid with other areas

  • Self-organizing network
  • 5G systems
  • Optical and sensor
  • Internet of underwater things
  • Satellite communication
  • Multimedia sensor network

In truth, the info from sensors are either time critic or not, though it is essential to transmit all of a sudden. At the same time, both normal and abnormal data will take place in the sys. Still this put together many number of topics with many answers. In the due time make choice for your topic.

Multiple Concepts in Underwater Communication

  • Wireless Power transfer and Energy harvesting
  • Localization and also detection
  • Dynamic AUV path prediction
  • MIMO based channel modelling
  • LiFi communication for data gathering
  • Optimal beamforming with Massive MIMO
  • 3D node deployment and selection
  • Dynamic topology
  • Collision avoidance in routing
  • And also more

 In order to perform transmission, the process of routing will be on the basis of energy, distance, channel and so on. Since, this process plays a vital role, we deliver you with a set of top protocols below.  

Routing protocols for Underwater Communication

  • Multi-path adaptive routing
  • State-Switchable with Energy-conserving
  • Network topology aware RL
  •  DYMO
  • Multi-level adaptive clustering routing
  • Void healing and Fault resilient routing
  • E2R2P and ER-DBR
  • DNAR

At this end, to be sure that you would be enough with all the topics. So, from this best set of topics choose yours. If your idea is away from, then we are all set to aid for that too. Join us to touch a great hit success.

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