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Mobile Communication Matlab Projects offer value-added services for all students. Mobile communication ensures connectivity among the public from a number of locations. In the past decade, it touches its peak with the usage of cellular bands like 5G, LTE, LTE-A, etc. In truth, it realizes our mission of Global Village by building a network of mobiles. Right off, 6G becomes a huge entrant in the field of Mobile Communication matlab projects. We can see that the transition from 5G to 6G has been realized within a shortage.

Mobile Communication Matlab Projects Using 6G

  • Non-orthogonal multiple access for B5G/6G
  • Ultra dense network resource management
  • Backhaul/fronthaul slicing in HetNets
  • Hybrid beamforming in massive-MIMO
  • Cognitive antenna for multi-RAN
  • Satellite and also multi-UAV communication
  • Quantum ML-based D2D & M2M connection
  • And also many more

   Mobile Communication not only relies on 6G but also has a vast opening in other fields. In any field, it functions upon the standard techniques; one should be aware of them. For all these techniques, Matlab has an extensive platform.

Mobile Communication Projects using matlab Simulink

Mobile Communication Techniques Supported by Matlab

Radio Techniques
  • 5G New Radio (5G NR)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • LTE-A, LTE-A Pro, LTE-M
  • WiMAX & WiMAX-A
  • GSM, UMTS and also CDMA
  • And also many more
Channel-Based Access Techniques
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • Code Division Multiple Access
  • Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access
  • Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • And so on
Modulation Techniques
  • Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  • Multiple Frequency Shift Keying
  • Phase Shift Keying
  • Wavelet Modulation
  • Amplitude and also Phase Shift Keying
  • And so on

   After designing Mobile Communication Matlab Projects, the next thing is to evaluate it. For that, we use a number of performance metrics and factors. Though we have a sea of metrics, we always enforce the apt one for your project.

How To Test A Project? Find Some Evaluation Parameters

Quality Of Service
  • PDR and Ergodic Capacity
  • Bit Error and also Flat Rate
  • Out of Order Delivery
  • Blocking Probability
  • And also Grade of Services
  • And also more
Quality Of Experience
  • Goodput and MOS
  • Achievable Throughput and also PSNR
  • Service Availability and also Reliability
  • Bit Rate and also Frame rate
  • Frame and also Packet Loss rate

   Students who wish to start their research in this field have a good career ahead. The only thing is that they must have well-versed skills in this field. At this point, most of the students fail in their dream. In our 18+ years of journey, we have crossed myriad students with a lack of insights. In fact, we trained them with our tutors and transferred them as masters. Simply, be one among them to be a master in your field.

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