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Fiber Optical Communication Projects is the platform to widen your thoughts. In simple, this is a data transmission with lights rays via fiber cables. It supports many types of data, such as voice callsmultimedia, and many more. It put on mainly for far distance transmission between cities. For this purpose, it requires three devices, such as light source, fiber cables, and photodetector. In contrast to copper wire, optical fibers are much better in terms of RF, durability, and so on. Designing fiber optical communication projects is a tough task for beginners. But, with the guidance from Matlabsimulation expert team it is far more easier task for research scholars.

What is The Reason For Fiber Optic?

   The first thing to remember is high bandwidth than any other sys. In any case, it supports with less power and loss in transmission. On the other hand, this provides privacy and flexible links for data flow. Due to these healthy reasons in this type of transmissions, it leads to standing at the peak.

   In brief, this hopefully supports internet connections, and hence it gives a speed of 10 Gbps. It is important to realize the internal work process in this area, and hence to make it easy; we list it below.

Major Study In Fiber Optical Communication

  • Optical burst switching
  • Congestion free data transmission
  • Cryptography
  • Wavelength division multiplexing
  • Two way transmission
  • Duplex transmission
  • Spectrum assignment
  • Jobs scheduling and so on

   This burst switching is by means of the buffer, space, priority, and so on. In order to solve the demands in the future, the optic transmission enrolls into the 5G era and beyond. In this way, it permits for MIMO, C-RAN, and others. This topic and routing are the most attention gaining, so we like to give you all the shortlist topics herein.

Fiber Optical communication projects using matlab Simulink

Top Most Burst Switching In Fiber Optical Communication Projects

  • Buffer-less switching
  • Contention resolution scheme
  • Wavelength Convertible
  • SBFPP protocol
  • Photonic frame
  • Balanced wavelength allocation
  • And also many more

   Especially, the concept of WDM and DWDM ensures to provide higher capacity. In fiber optical communication projects, the adjustable sub-wavelength follows either OBS or OCS.

Routing in Fiber Optical Communication

  • Lightpath strategy
  • Load balance with deflection
  • Fragmentation aware routing
  • Multi-layer routing
  • Cross talk free algorithm
  • Multi-objective routing
  • Impairment aware and Service classified routing
  • Resilient grouped routing
  • Ant based algorithm
  • Ans also many more

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