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Wireless Communication Projects freshly serve broad assist. Wireless communication is a radical field with regular updates in novelties. To mention that wireless is the base for all of the up-to-date smart devices like Smart Bands, Smart Phones, and so on. Thus, it has the ability to resolve real-world research issues. Contact our experts to choose best research wireless communication projects for your final year research work.

Prospect of Wireless Communication Projects

   Now, we stand on the road of WiFi-6, LTE, and 5G. Soon, we will reach the endpoint of 6G. Not to remark that 6G is the weighty field of wireless techs. From the white papers and journal updates, we conclude that 6G is the future of wireless communication. So, first, have a better topic on 6G and B5G (Beyond 5G).

Novel Ideas in 6G and B5G

  • Ultra-wide band for multimedia streaming
  • Multi-RAT secure slicing in HetNets
  • Small cell management and optimization
  • Service oriented interoperability in B5G
  • Coexistence of OFDMA and NAMO
  • Traffic differentiation for QoS and also QoE

   As well, MIMO communication has a lot of novelties to picture. To explore them, the first requirement is an in-depth study. As MIMO involves strong equations and standards, it seems a little bit hard. But no more hurdles because we create each bunch of MIMO as easy. Also, we train you through your comfort medium (online or offline).

MIMO-based Themes in Wireless Communication

  • Interference Avoidance in Gaussian MIMO
  • Uplink and Downlink Synchronization
  • Ranging Code Detection in OFDMA
  • Cognitive-MIMO design for mobiles
  • MU-MIMO for industrial IoT
  • Modulation Recognition for next gen
  • And many more

   This much of growth in Wireless Communication has carried in recent times. That is to say; it is evolving each day, which maintains it as ageless. Unlike other fields, it has a wide range of tools with dedicated modules. For instance, have a look over Matlab and NS-3 tools.

Mobile communication Projects for students with source code

Matlab Toolboxes for Wireless Communication

  • 5G Toolbox: Along with DL, NB-IoT
  • LTE Toolbox: Support for 1024-QAM and LTE-M
  • Antenna Toolbox: For E2E MIMO link and Beamforming
  • WLAN Toolbox: For OFDMA and also for IEEE 802.11ax

NS-3 Modules for Wireless Communication

  • LTE Module: Support for EPC and MIMO
  • OpenFlow Switch Support: To model SDN
  • 6LoWPAN: Apt for IoT, IIoT and RPL
  • WI-Fi Module: Support all PHY and also MAC

   To end this, we like to highlight that we have more than 100 tools and techies to serve your project. As we have enough familiarity with all tools, we always intend to get the original output by our original source code for wireless communication projects. For each of your projects, we ship customized add-ons like Screenshots, Video files, and so on. All you need to do is that just click a mail to us.

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