Neural Network Projects


Neural Network Projects craft the bespoke plot for all coming up scholars. Neural network often known as the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that is the bio-inspired model. In extend, ANN functions on the logic of human brain. To put it in another way, such system operates on the regular ‘Learning-then-Update’. ANN fits in the Machine Learning which is a main field of AI. We can apply ANN in any project as per the project loads.


            One of the best features of ANN is that it can act as both Supervised and Unsupervised learning. Means that, ANN is flexible to handle any kind of project. All-inclusive, Neural Network Projects use the power-packed models that will drive a project in the right way.

Noteworthy Neural Network Models                       

  • Autoencoder (AE) and Stacked AE
  • Time Delay and Convolutional Network
  • Radial Basis Function and Boltzmann Machine
  • Belief and Hopfield Network
  • Self-Organizing map
  • LSTM and also Bi-Directional LSTM

Before project initiation, you have to select the type of ANN. In that type, you need to put the apt parameters. Then only, you can validate your system. Even so it hears simple, it demands vast info with ANN. As follows, our pros first scan your ideas. And then we present the apt ANN for that. For any model, there are common parameters for tuning.

Vigorous Hyper parameters of Neural Networks

  • Layer Size (No of neurons and layers)
  • Learning Rate
  • Activation Function like Sigmoid
  • Momentum such as loss function
  • Minibatch Size and also Epochs

            The above parameters are vital for all projects. In this case, we also take care on parameter values since it decides the best outcome. Most of the time, we go with new optimization processes to tune the parameters of ANN. So that we deliver full-fledged upshots with right ANN model.

Newly Arrived Deep ANN Models

  • Spiking and Regulatory Nets
  • AlexNet and LiteNet
  • Capsule and Pyramidal Nets
  • Quantum and Gated Neural Network
  • HyperNEAT and U-Net
  • And also Semantic Neural Nets

All aforesaid ANN algorithms are applicable in many applications. This quality makes ANN as suitable for any field of research.

Research Areas of Neural Network Projects

  • Image or Video or Audio Recognition
  • Semantic Multimedia Data Retrieval
  • Digital Signal Analysis and Reconstruction
  • Network Security (ID/IPS and Deep Cryptography)
  • Natural Language Processing and more

Research scholars from any of above field can choose Neural Network Projects. In all fields, we have attained nearly 4000+ projects. In fact, all of our clients are still in contact with us for their works. For the most part of your project, we put great effort and wisdom. We are aware of not only concepts, but also tools. Altogether, we assure 100% success in your work.

Our deep vision in the Neural Network will build your intelligent world when you have us with you!!!

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