Power Electronics Projects Using Matlab


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Power Electronics Projects Using Matlab is one of the most preferred research areas chosen by the majority of scholars and researchers today. The majority of developers opt Matlab for the implementation of Power electronic projects due to its ease for development and Simulink support. We are working with Matlab for the past ten years and have developed nearly 1000+ power electronics projects for students worldwide.

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Power Electronics Projects Using Matlab

   Generally, Power Electronics Projects Using Matlab are mainly based on power semiconductor devices, electrical drives, converter circuits, electrical machines, computer-aided design and simulation, advanced control techniques, field-programmable gate arrays, digital signal processors, etc. It deals with the conversion and control of electrical power with high-efficiency switching modes using electronic devices for a vast range of applications.

   It generally includes electrochemical processes, AC and DC power supplies, lighting and heating control, power line volt-ampere reactive and harmonic compensators, electronic welding, high-frequency heating, photovoltaic and fuel cell power conversion, flexible AC transmission systems, etc. We provide complete support for any concept/project in power electronics for scholars to get our aid to excel in their academic performance with the help of our expertise and experience. As our initial service, we have provided a few major aspects, concepts, and also Matlab features for power electronics for scholars to get an idea regarding their projects.

Power Electronic Projects Are Based On

System And Control

  • Feedback system[Feedback control system, Negative feedback loop, and also positive feedback loop]
  • Switch Control[Switching characteristics of Thyristor, IGBT, Power Diode, and also power MOSFET]

Electronics And Devices

  • Circuits[designed also based on the project concept]
  • Power Semiconductor[MCT, PUT, TRIAC, RCT, and also GTO]
  • Magnetics[Motor drives, power converters, and also power inverters]
  • And so on

Power And Energy

  • Motors and also Drivers[Electric Motor, Scale driver, Brushed DC Motor]
  • Energy processing[Power converters, power Inverters]
  • Power Supplies[AC/DC Power supply, switched Mode power supply design]
  • And also more
Modelling power electronics projects using matlab

Concepts Used In Power Electronic Projects

  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Power generation from Renewable resources
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Power Control[Integral cycle switching]
  • Light Control
  • Battery charger[Thyristor]
  • Buck Boost Convertor
  • Multi Sound generator
  • Power System Automation[Data acquisition system and also supervisory control]
  • Solar tracker[555 Timer IC]
  • Power failure Indicator[IC 555]
  • Synchronized Multi[Spark Module(SMSM) for Electronic Ignition devices]
  • And so on

Matlab/Simulink For Power Electronic

   It provides support to power electronic projects using Matlab Simulink. Two different types of Simulation tool used in Matlab are

  • Circuit Oriented Simulators
  • Equation Solver

   Other than these, Matlab has numerous toolbox supports for various application-specific concepts.

To Model Power Electronics Using Matlab Simulink, Following Blocks Are Used

  • Repeating Sequence[Used to generate pulses]
  • Sine wave[Used to generate sinusoidal input with amplitude, phase and also frequency]
  • OR Logic[Used to turn thyristor off when the current reaches to 0]
  • Switch function[Used to switch between sine wave form and also firing pulse]

Simscape Power System

   It provides analysis tools and component libraries for simulating and modeling electrical power systems. Simscape provides support for

  • Includes models of Electrical power components[Electric drives, three phase machines, components for applications like renewable energy systems and also flexible AC transmission systems]
  • Used to analyze harmonic analysis, load flow, and also calculation of total harmonic distortion etc
  • Used to develop control systems and also test system level performance
  • Provide support for C code generation also for hardware integration

Recent Research Topics For Power Electronics Project

  • Using Matlab Simulink, also in Decoupled parallel simulation of power electronics systems
  • Enhanced Methodology for power loss measurements also in power electronic switches using MATLAB and digital Oscilloscope
  • Based on PSAT, power load flow calculation also for photovoltaic ship power system
  • Digital control and synchronous detection of shunt Active power filter also in power quality enhancement
  • Frequency control and maximum power point tracking also for hybrid wind diesel system by supplying an isolated load
  • Based on Matlab Modelsim co-simulation also using the design methodology of VLSI power electronics digital controller

    We hope you would have got an idea regarding how to take Power electronics projects using Matlab. We have provided an overview of the major concepts, research topics, and Matlab support for the power electronics project. For further guidance and tutoring support on Matlab/Matlab based power electronics projects, approach our experts through our online service. We are here to serve you with all our efforts and expertise.


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