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Soft Switching Power Electronics Projects is to emphasize a written concept into practical output. The term soft-switching defines the ‘SWITCH-ON and SWITCH-OFF’ of the electronic device by the use of an LC circuit. The key specialty is that it results in nil loss in voltage and current.

Apart from this, there are hard switching, and pre switching also exists. However, the soft-switching brings the idea to stop voltage and current overlap at the time of transistor flow. As a result, it gives 15 W to 1200 W of power.

Two Types Of Soft-Switching

  • Defined time for transistor
  • Current and voltage offset
Forced Resonant
  • On-demand time estimation
  • Input – Voltage, Current, Load and etc

   Without a doubt, the devices of resonant like capacitor and inductor need to be in all Soft Switching Power Electronics Projects. The process of a turn on and turn off, in this case, will reduce the noise, loss as well as improve performance. Since this uses resonant devices, it also refers to soft resonant switching. These devices use either as separate or hybrid. We have work experience on the below circuit design with soft switching.

Soft switching based power electronics projects using matlab Simulink

Circuit Design That Uses Soft Switching

  • DC-DC and tri state boost converter
  • 3-phase active power filter
  • PWM full bridge DC-DC converter
  • Boost push-pull converter
  • CMOS drivers and also MOSFETs
  • GaN power transistor
  • Flyback and Buck converter
  • Non-inverting Buck boost converter
  • PV with grid inverters
  • So on

   The common methods, such as zero current and voltage switching, can say in short as ZCS and ZVS. In simple, the ZCS has two capacitors in parallel, while in ZVS, the inductance is in series for switching. Besides this, there exist other methods in which we have an idea.

We Work On Strategies Of Soft Switching Power Electronics Projects

  • Partial soft switching
  • Bidirectional and parallel
  • Chaotic soft switching
  • PF correlation
  • optimal frequency critic
  • Soft-FET
  • Passive compensation method
  • Single and two stage switching
  • Plug and play active resonant

   In view of this, we make to light up all topic concerns about Soft Switching Power Electronics Projects. On account of this, we go through new growth in order to stay in advance from all. In either case, we only prefer an apt way out that goes on with the trend. And of course, we aid you in this situation of selection, calculation, and so on. We will be on time to close your project with zero error in it. So far, it may look to go good, but perfection, as a result, is not as easy to do. So that does your Project into Perfect by us!!

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