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Matlab Code Example offers you codes for all your requirements; it can be your Matlab projects, assignments or thesis, etc. We have world-class developers and experts with us working on Matlab for the past ten years. we provide matlab code example for students. Our developers have worked on every challenging and complex problem in Matlab, which has made them expertise and experience. We expect students to bring some challenging concepts to us, which can reflect our standard and quality. Our codes reflect our standard as we provide simple and effective codes for students, which will enhance their academic grades. Need assistance for Matlab programming,and project codes, approach us anytime with your requirement.

Matlab Project Code Example

    Generally, Matlab Code Example gives you a few basic and significant codes used in Matlab applications. This will give an overview of Matlab programming. For beginners in Matlab, we provide complete training in Matlab programming so that they can code for their assignments and projects. For students who feel to get aid for their Matlab assignments, projects, thesis, and lab cycles can approach us anytime; we will offer you the best service on-time delivery assurance. Our developers code in the simplest and also effective manner, which improves our code quality and standard. We have taken an example of Mathematical functions and graphical functions used in Matlab. These are the two major functions, which makes Matlab a powerful tool for research.

Mathematical Functions In Matlab

  • Single precision Math
  • Solution for FFT
  • FFT for spectral analysis
  • Integer Arithmetic
  • Differential and also Integral equations
  • Solution for ODE
  • And also many more
Matlab Source code examples

Example Program For Mathematical Functions

   We can write Matlab codes for different types of Mathematical functions like Arithmetic, exponential, complex numbers, and trigonometry operations. Let’s have also a glance over a few mathematical functions and its respective codes

To Code For

Type the equation in the Matlab window as


And get the answer as

Here, we did not specify the output variable, so Matlab assumes it as ANS (default variable) and produces the output. The default variable “ans” stores the current calculation value; it will be overwritten while using the next operation. To avoid it, we also need to declare the output argument name.

To Compute The Formula

a= 4– 4


numerator =


>>denominator= (sqrt(2)+1)^2

denominator =


>>a=numerator/denominator- 4

a= -3.4976

To Compute The Following Expression


>>exp(5)+log10(x)- pi^2

To code Cos2+tan (3/6)

The above expression can be codes as follows:

>> (cos (pi/2)) ^2+tan (3*pi/6)

   In general, Matlab trigonometric functions are Sin, Cos, Tan, cot, cosec and sec. The inverse are written as ‘asin’, ‘atan’ etc. Angles are measured in radians.

Graphics And Visualization In Matlab

  • 2D and also 3D plotting
  • Visualizing 4D data
  • Creating user interface using Tap panels
  • Volume visualization
  • 2D to 3D conversions
  • And so on

Example Program For Matlab Graphical Functions

   Matlab graphics includes high-level functions for 2D and 3D data visualization, animation, Image processing, and also presentation graphics. Here, we have taken an example of 2D to 3D conversion, as it is also one of the most significant and common applications used in all Matlab applications. Generally, 2D data is taken in two forms i.e., single 2D Image or multiple 2D images.

Conversion can be performed in two ways i.e
  • Using the number of slices
  • Using Mesh functions
  • And so on

Method 1: 2-D Image To 3-D Image Conversion Using Number Of Slices (Image)

Input : number of slices

for slice = 1 : totalNumberOfSlices

thisSlice = GetSlice();  % Whatever you have to do to get one 2D image.

if slice == 1

image3D = thisSlice;


image3D = cat(3, image3D, thisSlice);



Output: 3D image

Method2: For Converting 2-D To 3-D Conversion Using Mesh Function

Input : 2-D image

a = imread(uigetfile(‘image.jpg’)); %2d image


b = rgb2gray(a);

b = im2double(b);

shading flat


mesh(b);  %3d conversion

Output: 3D image

   We have taken two basic and major concepts of Matlab, which will help students get an idea about Matlab programming. These are basic programs used in all major applications which we have provided for Matlab beginners. We support advanced programs and also assignment topics for students from various disciplines. We also provide innovative projects, thesis, and research guidance on Matlab as a part of our service. If you want to explore the field of Matlab, approach us anytime.

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