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Video Processing Projects using Matlab is a recent area that has broad concern from the students. In general, video processing is means something to process or learns from a video. Our work ethic is simple but makes it professional. In this field, we work for more than 15 years. It gives the great skill set to work on any hard area of Matlab.

A lot of students have gained our project help and extend their work for research too. We are experts in journal paper writing and publishing since we aim to provide our best help for students studying from UG to the doctorate on Video Processing Projects using Matlab. A bit of detail is providing on this page for you.

Video Processing Trends

  • Multimedia (Playing Games and Animation)
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino (Making Dynamic and Static Shape)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Human Brain Interface)
  • Machine Learning (Video Classification)
  • Cloud Applications (Video Request and Retrieval)
  • Big Data Analytics (Storage Access and Computing)
  • Remote Sensing (Sky Cloud Tracking)
  • Wireless Networks (Video Streaming and Transmission)
  • Medical Image and Video Analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing (Signal and System Modeling)
  • Video Retrieval via User Query (Text, Image, Audio, and also Video)
Matlab Video Processing Projects for students

   Our team role is to measure your problem and find the solution at once. We can resolve any high-level risk in your project. In Matlab, we use Video Processing Toolbox that has the goal to support the following features.

  • Feature Detection and also Extraction
  • Motion Estimation and also Object Tracking
  • Object Detection, and also Recognition
  • Bag of Features and also Background Estimation
  • Stereo Vision and also Camera Calibration
  • Multi View Geometry Support
  • 3D Point Cloud Processing

Video Processing Algorithms

Video Compression

  • Fuzzy C-means with Vector Quantization
  • DCT, DWT and also Hybrid DWT-DCT 
  • Huffman coding
  • And so on

Background Subtraction

  • Running Gaussian Average
  • Mixture of Gaussians
  • Multi-SVM
  • And also many more

Video Steganography

  • Bit exchange method
  • Hash based Least Significant bit technique
  • Least significant Bit +3
  • And so on

Video Retrieval

  • Feature extraction algorithms
  • Key frame selection algorithms
  • Retrieval algorithms
  • And so on

Video Surveillance system

  • Motion Estimation and also detection algorithms
  • Distance Functions and also Similarity Formulas
  • And so on

Video Processing Applications

  • Moving Object Tracking
  • Video Coding in Robotics
  • Adaptive Video Concealment
  • Smart City Surveillance
  • Vehicle and also Human Surveillance
  • Geospatial Surveillance
  • Drone-based Surveillance
  • Complex Activity Recognition
  • Security and also Privacy
  • Multi-Modal Surveillance
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • AR / VR Systems
  • Electronic Video / Imaging
  • Visual Quality Assessment
  • Biometrics Recognition (e.g. Facial Recognition)
  • Video Surveillance (e.g. Forest Fire Detection)
  • And also many more

   We are like video cameras with HD eyes that capture pictures from what you like and what you aim. So, we deliver your video processing projects using Matlab in a single shot. Students who want to get off any kind of project in video processing. They can get at whatever time they want from us. If you want, then get your free project titles at our company.

Other Video Processing Tools

  • Python
  • AWS (CloudSim)
  • Hadoop
  • FFMpeg
  • MPlayer
  • AviSynth
  • MP4Box
  • MKVToolnix
  • OpenCV
  • And so on

   In addition to video, we are able to think of a novel idea for your audio (Music or Speech) and photos (Images) projects. If you want to watch more about the video processing projects, you can do the phone call.

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