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Matlab dsp projects is an initiative started with the effort of top experts of the world to benefit budding students. Students’ major problem when they take up their project is that they just want to take one static topic out of thousands of topics. For example computer programming with Matlab is an amazing topic that provides more directions to extend further.

Project decides your academic life and career, how can we give so less importance to such a significant factor. This is the reason we provide the best and novel concepts to our students, which is the outcome of knowledge mined from our experts. Our experts are members in 500+ journals, which make them updated with all the latest and recent concepts in Matlab for DSP projects

Matlab Digital Signal Processing Projects

Research areas in Digital signal processing

  • Head related transfer function
  • Integrated affective sensing
  • Deconvolution of space-time Radar spectra
  • Integrated EMG/Eye gaze tracking for computer cursor control
  • Compressive sensing
  • Spatiotemporal ECoG Analysis for Epileptic focus localization
  • Image fusion of several imaging sensors
  • Image denoising and watermarking
  • Satellite and space communication
  • Image and video communication
  • Working with algorithms like Forrier, Walse, Hartley, etc
Top 9 digital signal processing projects with source code

Recent research Artificial Networks for DSP

  • Experts system
  • Neural networks
  • Natural Language processing
  • Fuzzy logic systems

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