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DIP based Research Topics gives you an understanding of how to code in Matlab. We have started our service for students who require aid. Up to now, we have developed 5000+ projects in Matlab, which has made us an expertise in Matlab final year thesis. We support students for their final year projects, lab cycles, assignments, and research guidance, making us a knowledge hub for students and scholars. 

Let’s have a glance over a few advanced programs used in all applications for students to know about Matlab programming. If you want support for any other programs or lab assignments in Matlab, approach us anytime.

Digital Image Processing Research Topics 

3-D Volumetric Image Processing

  • Segment Lungs from 3-D Chest Scan
  • Register Multimodal 3-D Medical Images
  • 3-D Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Learning
  • Compute 3-D Superpixels of Input Volumetric Intensity Image
  • Single Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Classification of Large Multiresolution Images
  • Semantic Segmentation of Multispectral Images Using Deep Learning
  • JPEG Image Deblocking Using Deep Learning
  • Image Processing Operator Approximation Using Deep Learning
Digital Image Processing Research Paper Topics

Image Classification using Neural Networks 

   A significant method used for classification is neural networks. Image Classification is used when we are unaware of the system and need to create a relation between input and output data. Neural networks work like Brain neurons. It consists of different layers where the first layer takes the input and puts it into the internal layer known as the Input layer. The outer layer takes the output from the internal layer and gives it to the outer layer. To better understand it, let’s see Dip projects one code example using Patient health records.

Example Neural Networks 

  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Convolutional Neural Network 
  • Deep Neural Network
  • Lightweight Neural Network
  • Slice Net, Deep U-Net, and PyramidNet

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