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Image Resizing Matlab Projects is your online and offline tool that can support for image resizing. In general, resizing means reduce the size of image in terms of pixels, inches, or cm. For instance, if you feel that an image is wide with 500 pixels, and then reduces the width. Then and there, it must be uniform. Often, image resizing is referring to as ‘scaling.’ At the same time, without loss of image quality, scaling results must be high. In this post, surely you will get more points about image resizing. Reach us to get a copy of image resizing matlab projects with source code. We provide detailed information with video documentation to implement image resizing function in matlab.

Why Image Resize?

   Images from the camera are large when sending a photo via mail; it limits the size. When reducing the pixel values, scaling is down, whereas increase the pixel values then scaling it up. In this way, the resized image has been generated. In particular, image processing uses these kinds of processes since all images are not the same as well. It varies in size for image resizing matlab projects. For a further process like classification or segmentation, this will be the best option. To resize the image in Matlab, we support all image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, and PNG.

Image Resizing Algorithms

  • Mipmap algorithm
  • Nearest Neighbor Interpolation
  • Bicubic and also Bilinear
  • Lanczos and Sinc Resampling
  • Box Sampling
  • Fourier Transform Methods
  • Edge Directed Interpolation
  • Vectorization
  • Deep CNN
  • And so on

   As shown above, we have several algorithms for image scaling. Here, Deep CNN has diverse types such as Waifu2x and perceptual loss.

Image resizing projects in matlab

Image Resizing Applications

   Image resizing is an incredibly important topic recently. Mainly, there are three use cases in image resizing: universal, video, and pixel art scaling. In the event that many sub uses are as follows.

Universal Applications

  • Image Editors Design
  • Software Magnifiers
  • Resize Apps Creation
  • Design of Image and also File Viewers

Video Processing

  • Video Games
  • Slide Videos Making

Pixel Art Scaling

  • Computer Graphics
  • Web Pages Creation

How Image Resizing Matlab Projects Work?

   In Matlab, resizing is an easy job. As a matter of fact, we spend team efforts to work on it. Image resize is a simple process, so that we assign our single team with skilled staff. Each staff role is to find an alternative method to give a quality outcome. For instance, we use the following functions for resizing.

  • imcrop ()
    • To crop image
  • imcrop3 ()
    • To crop 3D image
  • imresize ()
    • To resize the image
  • imresize3 ()
    • To resize 3D volumetric intensity image
  • impyramid ()
    • To reduce image pyramid and also expansion

   You send complete or incomplete ideas from any field. We will go through it shortly. Let us start at the beginning and also find out what is an exact problem. Later, apply an apt solution to mitigate it.

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