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Image Enhancement Projects is one point where you feel happy to collect your product. Image enhancement is the process to tune the quality of the digital image. Often, we can apply it for video too. For instance, this step eliminates noise (e.g., impulse) and blurs (irrelevant pixel values) effects in an image. This will result in high for a system to make an easy way to find all critical features from it.

What Is The Reason Behind To Go For An Image Enhancement?

   All images, such as medical, satellite, and aerial, is poor in noise and contrast. Hence, the clarity of images must improve to reveal all key details of an image. There are some sub steps involved to mend the image enhancement projects that follows.

Image Dehazing         
  • Remove artifacts on the whole image
  • It is also refer as Haze Removal
Color Correction
  • At first, intensity of each pixel is computed
  • Here, color values corrected by mean and standard deviation
Super Resolution
  • A level of contrast improved by a super pixel
Techniques used in image enhancement projects

   To model all steps to enhance the input image, we open up many ways for you. To be precise, the field of image processing is familiar to us. So design a new way for such a process that does not require more effort from us. Also, we have a collection of methods that seeks to enrich the visual property of the image. Here are a few examples of methods of image enhancement.

Point Operation

  • Noise Clipping
  • Window Slicing
  • Histogram Equalization
  • Linear contrast enhancement
  • CLAHE and also Decorrelation Sketch

Spatial Operation

  • Smoothing Noise
  • Median Filtering
  • Low Pass and also High Pass
  • Zooming

Transform Operation

  • Root and also Linear
  • Homomorphic
  • Morphological filters
  • Wiener filtering
  • Unsharp mask filtering
  • Adversarial filter
  • And also many more


  • False Coloring
  • And also more

   Implementing such processes is in common prior to help when using good algorithms like machine learning and statistical learning. In short, we say that this problem will solve after taking a modern method. We travel on this route to end your happy journey with the results that you expect.

Trendy Algorithms: Research based Image Enhancement Projects

  • Light and also Dark Channel Prior (DCP)
  • DCP with Median Filter
  • Mixture of HSV and also RGB CLAHE
  • Gray World, White Balancing and also Fusion
  • Social Spider Optimization coupled with Bilateral Filter
  • Dense, and also End to-End Supervised GAN
  • Retinex Model and also Multiscale-nex Model
  • Graph Methods and Lightweight Learning
  • Dual Mode Neural Network
  • And also many more

   As well as, many examples sustained by image enhancement projects experts for students. At this time, we talk about the need for each method and also its upsides and downsides. Start to pick a single topic or more. Then, you will receive a complete pipeline of your work. In the end, all the things considered for your needs to realize to you.

Image Enhancement Practical Use Cases

  • Underwater Image Processing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Robotic Vision
  • Human Visual Systems
  • Biometric Technologies

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