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Image Processing Thesis is the world’s best project place that will hold you for getting the best projects. Due to its wide scope today, this area attracts many students and scholars. Still, there are numerous ideas and topics that are new in this domain as we feel that every student must go their peak and get a perfect idea for their final year or research. Digital image processing is also called as ‘DIP’ that involve in many current trends. Matlab is the heart of DIP. Each Matlab in-built function will make special for your project. Want to choose latest trending research topic for image processing thesis on our final year research work.

Image Processing Thesis Application Fields

Medical Image Processing

  • ECG Signal Processing [Wavelet and also Inverse Transform]
  • Breast Cancer Detection [Cellular Automata]
  • Age and also Gender Detection [MRI]
  • Cancer and also Tumor Cell Detection [MRI]
  • Coronary Analysis [Advanced Wavelet Edge Detection]
  • 3D / 4D / 5D Medical Image Processing
  • And so on

Biometric Authentication

  • Blind Authentication via Biometric Verification
  • Biometric Web Authentication
  • Face Recognition via Sub-Pattern and also PCA
  • Iris, Face and Fingerprint Authentication
  • And so on
Latest Research Topic for Image Processing Thesis

Satellite And Remote Sensing

  • Geo-science Satellite Image Processing
  • Satellite Imaging [Landsat 7, 8, 9]
  • Agro Informatics and also Precision Farming
  • Large Scale Map Revision
  • Microwave, Hyperspectral and Optical Imaging
  • And also many more

Sample Applications

  • Space image processing applications
  • Computerized photography applications
  • Character recognition based applications
  • Biological image processing applications
  • 3D Animation-based applications
  • GUI and CAD based applications
  • Industrial applications [Product Inspection and Sorting]
  • And so on

Digital Image Respostory

  • CIFAR-100 [RGB test database]
  • COIL-100 [Object image database]
  • NOAA [Collection of Earth Observation Database]
  • BIT, U of Bologna [Fingerprint database]
  • MNIST [Handwritten digits database]
  • CALTECH101, 256 [256 object categories database]

   Every student has ample skill to do their project when a person helps them as per their need. We take this matter into our minds. So we provide the best setting for students. Then we apply in it. Our success lies at the hand of students. Thus, we measure our success in terms of student satisfaction and happiness at the novel project preparation and aiding room for students. For more information on image processing thesis with or without Matlab, view Matlab Simulation since it’s the world’s main project place that focuses on image-based projects. We own it for you, even in any project tool.

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