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Scilab Examples Project offers you a few example programs in Scilab to guide you with our code support. It is one of the major tools used to simulate the image processing applications. Scilab has many graphical libraries like 2D plotting, arrow plotting, polygon plotting, 3D plotting, line plotting, arc plotting, coordinate transformations, and rectangle plotting. We have crossed seven successful years with the satisfaction of students. Our Experts have documented some Scilab examples project for beginner for easy understanding. Our vision and mission are to support our students in all the possible ways, and also, we can make them reach a higher position in the world. You can approach us for any kind of support in Scilab regarding your projects, assignments, seminars, and also lab programs.

Now Let’s See About Major Research Areas In Scilab

  • Digital Image Processing
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communications
  • Data mining
  • Soft computing approaches
  • Digital communications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Matrix structural analysis
  • Finite Element Method
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics
  • And so on
Example Scilab Projects for Beginners

Scilab Examples Project

   Generally, the Scilab Examples project provides you complete support for your project implementation and code development. We have all well-trained world-class developers and experts to handle all kinds of Scilab projects. To make your project more innovative, take any of the research topics, and enhance it further. This will make your project more effective and also inventive. Now let have also a look over the Scilab examples project,

//Scilab Code For Brightness Enhancement

clc ;
// x = imread ('D:\DIP\ fruit. GIF’);
//SIVP tool box(signal Image and Video Processing Toolbox)
x = imread (‘D: \DIP\fruit. png ' );
x = rgb2gray (x);
y = double (x) +100;
y = uint8 (y);
figure (1)
ShowImage (x, ' Original Fruit Image ‘);
title ( ' Original Fruit Image ' )
figure (2)
ShowImage (y, ' Enhanced Fruit Image ‘);
title ( ' Enhanced Fruit Image ' )
//Scilab code for dilation and erosion process
close ;
clear ;
clc ;
x= imread ( 'D:\DIP\morph. bmp ' );
//SIVP tool box (signal Image and Video Processing Toolbox)
//y =[ 1 , 1 , 1 ; 1 , 1 , 1 ; 1 , 1 , 1 ] ;
Structure_Element = CreateStructure_Element ( ' squa r e ' ,3) ;
x1 = DilateImage (x, Structure_Element );
x2 = ErodeImage (x, Structure_Element );
//Original image is diplaying
// imshow (x)
figure (1)
ShowImage (x, ' Original Image ' );
//Ddilated image is displaying
// imshow ( x1 )
figure (2)
ShowImage (x1 , ' Dilated Image ' );
xtitle ( 'Dilated Image ' )
// Eroded image is displaying
// imshow ( x2 )
figure (3)
ShowImage (x2 , ' Eroded Image ' );
xtitle ( ' Eroded Image ' );

Latest Research Scilab Projects

  • A composite DSP approach also to denoising arterial signals
  • A programmable CNN architecture and also its hardware software co design approach for image processing and also stimulating visual illusions
  • Robust Design of Radar Doppler filters
  • Detection of human’s motions through a wall also using UWB radar
  • BER analysis also for interfering visible light communication systems
  • Depressing the noise effects shown in GPR images also by employing the non-local approach.
  • Design of a gripping imitator robotic arm also for taking an object.
  • Developing GPR surveys, data processing and also interpretation techniques for criminal gravesites location

   We hope that, now, you may get an idea about how to work in Scilab. Here we have taken image processing as an example program. This was just a sample code in Scilab, which we also have provided for students’ reference. If you need more information or advanced concepts in Scilab, contact our experts. Our experts are available online 24/7. Come to us with any kind of topic or concept we will guide you as per your needs and specifications.

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