Project Based on Matlab for ECE, our best offering for the young and creative minds. Today majority of students face problem during their final year projects and research, due to the lack of external guidance. There are many sites and concerns offering final year projects, but how many of them are trusted remains a question mark. Students must analyze their right destination at right time. We are ISO certified institute with the only focus in mind i.e. confidentiality and privacy support. We have served nearly 1000+ project Based on Matlab for ECE students and have got positive feedback for our quality work. As a first step towards our guidance, we have provided few project ideas and topics below for students.

Matlab based ECE project Ideas:

  • Metal detecting Robot
  • Measuring traffic density using IR sensors
  • Password based Circuit breaker system
  • Auto intensity control in street lights
  • Home appliance automation using Bluetooth
  • I2C protocol implementation for auto dialing on Burglary detection
  • Vehicle tracking using GPS and GSM
  • Projects based on energy storage and harvesting
  • Security enhancement using RFID
  • RFID based car parking management
  • Office communication system using RF
  • PIC Microcontroller based Mobile phone controlled home appliances
  • DTMF Controlled Robots for surveillance systems
  • Home appliance automation using Zigbee
  • Using Raspberry Pi board based programmable sequential switching system
  • Vehicle theft location Intimation using GPS
  • RF controlled Robotic vehicle
  • ARM cortex based solar street light system


  •  An efficient approach for Analyzing the effectiveness of cluster based H-MANET for scaling number of nodes
  • The performance of Blue tooth ECG monitoring system used for the design of digital signal filtering algorithm
  • A novel technique for Detection and analysis of waterborne bacterial colonies using image processing and smartphones
  • A new technology for a novel position sensorless power transfer control of lumped coil-based in-motion wireless power transfer systems
  • A new mechanism process for a design of brain-computer interface control platform for intelligent vehicle
  • The performance of the Diffusion-Based Clock Synchronization for Molecular Communication Under Inverse Gaussian Distribution
  • The process of parallel photo voltaic inverters in micro grid by using Small signal modeling and stability analysis
  • A new technique for Topology detection in microgrids with micro-synchrophasors
  • A novel technology a protection strategy for micro-grids based on positive-sequence component
  • The usage of CHIRP signal to perform a  cross-correlation based signal processing approach to determine number and distance of objects in the sea
  • An efficient performance of Efficient utilization of electromagnetic radio spectrum in CR network based on Energy detection
  • An efficient process of Speaker based vocal tract shape estimation for kannada vowels
  • A new mechanism for improvising the performance of shadowing effects in urban terrains using empirical models
  • A novel technology for the Performance assessment and computer simulation of the M-ary FSK modulation scheme