Matlab Communication Projects gives you an overview about best Matlab projects in communication system. Communication Projects in Matlab has great significance as Matlab has inbuilt mathematical functionalities and toolboxes which supports communication projects. We have started our service for the budding scholars and students to make their dream as their reality. We know the value of Project as it is one of the significant part of students career. In short, we can say that it is a decisive factor as your project will decide your career and future. To take up such a project, we need to have best assistance from trusted concern. We can assure you that our guidance will make you stand among world’s best researcher and you can touch the highest peak of success.


      Matlab Communication Projects is an evergreen domain for doing projects due to its significance and ever growing demand. Communication projects in Matlab give accurate and effective results due to its inbuilt support for communication toolbox. Communication projects are a wide domain, which makes students to get a wider scope for research.

Matlab projects in communication system can be done in the following areas:

Wireless communication system:

    It has a wide scope due to its significant growth, which has led to revolution in the field of communication. Today we are using 4G and 5G networks which have wide scope for research due to its emerging technologies. Major areas which give way for research are:

  • Satellite communication
  • IR Wireless communication
  • Bluetooth, zigbee technologies
  • Broadcast and Microwave radio
  • Wi-fi and Wi-max
  • Li-Fi technology
  • NFC technology
  • Mobile communication

Telecommunication systems:

GPRS and GSM technologies:

  • Smart irrigation system control
  • Remote alerting system using GPS
  • Alert emergency message system
  • Microcontroller based pulse rate monitoring system


  • Robot Movement control system
  • VLSI device driver design for DTMF decoder for home automation system
  • GSM based robotic control system using VLSI programming

Optical communication system:

Sample projects:

  • Design of Virtual Networks
  • Analyzing the performance of load adaptive energy saving schemes in IP over WDM networks
  • EPON, RPR and WiMAX hybrid network
  • WDM/TDM passive optical networks with multi wavelength scheduling
  • CDMA based dynamic bandwidth allocation scheme for EPON
  • SRLG failure protection in Optical WDM networks

Embedded systems based applications:

Protocol support to interface with Microcontrollers(8051)

  • For wired interface(RS232, RS-485, SCSI, ARINC 429, USB, CAN, Ethernet etc)
  • For Wireless interface(Bluetooth , BLE, CDMA, IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 Wifi, NFC)

Use of Embedded C and assembly language

Sample projects:

RF based Matlab projects:

  • Wireless health care monitoring system
  • Secure code enabled secure communication
  • Fire fighting Robotic vehicle system
  • RF based office communication system
  • Home automation system using RF technology etc

RFID based Matlab projects:

  • RFID based attendance system with authentication
  • Security access control system
  • RFID based advanced airlines authentication control

Bluetooth based Matlab projects:

  • War field spying robot using android applications
  • Remote password based load control using Android
  • Metal detector Robo using Android
  • Remote AC power control with LCD display using Mobile communications.


          We have provided few major areas and its related topics for students to get an idea about communication projects. We are ready to work with any concept and domain which students bring to us. We never restrict the freedom of student’s creativity; we are ready to support our students in every possible way. Students can approach us anytime by making a call to us or just by clicking their mails, we will be there for you always.