Matlab Based Communication Projects is one of the hottest fields among scholars due to its wide research scope. If we see around us, we can feel that everything is based on the communication technologies. Taking research in such a field, can give new direction to research scholars due to its current need. We feel that every student is capable of doing research, if someone will guide them. This is the motivation behind our service, which has benefitted 1000+ scholars and students worldwide. Today we have created our own network of scholars which adds more knowledge to our knowledge hub. We can give 100% assurance that our students will stand among world’s best competitors and researchers.


       Matlab Based Communication Projects will give you best ideas to take up a communication project in Matlab. We have world class developers with us who prefer Matlab as one of the best platform for the development of Communication projects due to its advanced functionalities and features. Matlab has many features which supports communication systems like Communication toolbox, external interface support, and inbuilt mathematical functionalities for communication parameters etc. Matlab reduces the development time of the developers due to its flexibility and advanced GUI support. To take up a project in communication system, students must know the toolbox support available in Matlab.

Communication System toolbox support:

  • Provides support for analysis tools for constellation, bit error rate, eye diagram which validates the overall design
  • Work on performance metrics like error vector magnitude, analyze signals and visualize the channel characteristics.
  • Works on Compensation algorithms, channel and RF impairment models etc

System specification:

  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS(64 bits)

Additional requirements:

  • DSP system toolbox
  • Simulink and simulink coder
  • RF and SimRF toobox
  • Fixed point designer
  • Matlab coder
  • Parallel computing toolbox

Major Research domains in Communication systems:

  • CDMA systems
  • Adaptive multi-user detection
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Mobile Robot Navigation
  • Wireless and cellular mobile communication systems
  • Fading channel Modeling and characterization
  • MIMO systems and smart antennas
  • LTE and WLAN simulation
  • 5G and advanced technology
  • Antenna Modeling and RF systems
  • Software defined radios


              These are few major domains where students can get idea for their research. We expect our students to think beyond they can, so that they can achieve beyond they want. We are there to support you in every aspect which will give you a career platform for your bright future. Students, who want to shine with us, can just click a mail to us; we will be back to you.