DSP Matlab Projects brings you innovative ideas with perfect implementation plan for your academic projects. Digital Signal processing is one of the major fields, due to its widespread application in real time systems. Mobile applications, communication systems, satellite communication and all major application fields related to signal needs DSP for signal synthesis and processing. It has many sub fields like

  • Sonar and radar signal processing
  • Image processing
  • Control systems
  • Seismic data processing
  • Biomedical signal processing applications
  • Signal processing for communication systems
  • Sensor array processing and spectral estimation
  • Statistical signal processing etc

          It is such a wide domain, which makes it an evergreen platform for research. DSP Matlab projects give you the best platform for project development due to the high mathematical functionalities and toolbox support in Matlab. We are working on DSP Matlab projects for the past 7 years which has made us an expert in Matlab. Our major focus is our students; we provide projects with complete quality in order to satisfy our students. Till now, we have worked on more than 5000 projects and got best comments for our output result which has made us no.1 institute. To take up a project in DSP, we need to know about the basic concept involved in DSP.

Let’s have a glance on DSP concepts:

Modulation techniques:

  • Pulse width Modulation
  • Pulse coded Modulation
  • ASK (Amplitude Shift keying)
  • Delta Modulation
  • FSK(Frequency shift keying)
  • BFSK (Binary frequency shift keying)

Digital filters:

  • Low pass and high pass filter
  • Notch and comb filters
  • Band pass filter
  • FIR and IIR filter
  • Butter-worth filter
  • Filter configurations(parallel form, cascade form, direct form, frequency sampling form)
  • Lattice filters
  • Adaptive filters
  • Filterbuilder GUI and FDA tool
  • Multistage and Multi rate filters

Waveform processing:

  • Pulstran function
  • Sinc function
  • Multichannel signals
  • Dirichlet function
  • Periodic and aperiodic waveforms
  • Step, Impulse and ramp functions
  • Time vector and data precision

Discrete signals:

  • Discrete complex harmonic signal
  • Unit sample sequence and step sequence
  • Functions like rand(1,N) and randn(1,N)
  • Mathematical functions(max, sum and prod)
  • Signal generation- tripuls, rectpuls, sinc, saw tooth, gauspuls, diric etc.


          These are the major concepts of DSP which one has to know before taking up a DSP project. For all these concepts, Matlab have inbuilt functions and toolboxes which is the major reason why scholars prefer Matlab as a development platform for DSP applications. Students, who wish to make their career platform as a successful sensation, can approach us anytime.