DIP Projects


DIP Projects is a project pool that changes its look every day. Since, it’s strong to build a novel project. At first, we tell what DIP means. DIP is a processing step to apply for digital images. Hence, Digital Image Processing is refers to as DIP. For instance, let’s assume that the image has noise and distortion then some filters applied to avoid those issues.  Now, get a view in noises and image type in DIP.

Noises and Methods in Digital Image Processing

  • Salt and Pepper Noise      // Gray scale
  • Gaussian Noise                // CT Medical
  • Poisson Shot Noise          // Hyperspectral
  • Anisotropic Noise           // Magnetic Field
  • Speckle Noise                 // SAR & US imaging

            Similar to noise removal, today many concepts are in stock from us. As a result of high growth in digital images capture, processing such images need some real model.

Concepts in DIP

  • Histogram Equalization
  • Noise Reduction
  • Color Image Segmentation
  • Edge Detection and also Preservation
  • Feature Extraction and Selection
  • Features Clustering (Visual Words)
  • Classification by more classifiers
  • And also many more

With these concepts, it is design to be a model. Further, in android mobile devices, DIP encompasses more and also it’s appearing on apps for human’s use. On the whole, it is simple to build your project with high efficiency. A few components is listed below,


  • CMOS Sensor
  • NMOS APS Sensor
  • CCD
  • Webcam
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Android Camera
Mobile phones
  • Android
  • iOS

Recent 5 Trends plus Themes: DIP Projects

Video Processing
  • Object Motion Detection
  • Forest Fire Detection
  • Multimedia Video
Remote Sensing
  • Dynamic Land Cover Prediction
  • Disaster Detection
  • LiDAR Sensor Measurement
Machine Vision
  • Device Control and also Monitoring
  • Mills Production Control
  • Fault Inspection and also Moderation
Medical Imaging
  • Face Expression or Emotion Detection
  • Biometrics Recognition
  • Disease Diagnosis
Content based Retrieval
  • Image-to-Image Retrieval
  • Text-to-Image Retrieval
  • Text-to-Video Retrieval
  • Image-to-Video Retrieval 

Tools and Datasets

            To operate any image, basic tool is essential. Without any tool, we can’t operate any image. Likewise, dataset is necessary to make DIP projects. DIP tools for execution and datasets to import in a tool as follows.

DIP Tools

  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • 4D image tools
  • 3D image slice viewer

3D / 4D Image Datasets

  • 4D Light Field Benchmark
  • 3D Online Action Dataset
  • G3D and also G3Di
  • Gaming 3D Dataset
  • I3DPost MultiView
  • Kinect 3D Active
  • MSR Action3D

With this info, we conclude that working DIP project is a nice way to complete without any trouble. Also, it is only for you to know and choose a topic from DIP. For any topic in DIP, we can work it. Send your needs, and then we follow your works by an expert team. Finally, you collect your desire work from us.

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