Matlab Projects on Signals and Systems offers a huge collection of innovative ideas for Electrical and electronics students. Signal processing is one of the earliest fields, which still have major significant in the field of research. Due to its interdisciplinary nature and wide scope, majority of scholars opt project in this domain. Our experts are devoted towards the upliftment of student’s career and performance.  We are popular for our timely work and dedication which we show towards our students. Our Matlab Projects on Signals and Systems offers complete guidance and support for students undertaking project, assignment or research work in Matlab.

       Our inventive and creative minds will make you think apart from your thinking capability. Scholars can have numerous innovative projects in Signal processing due to its wide research scope. You can work on Applications like signal analytics applied to the data gathered from wearable and mobile devices, wireless connectivity to software defined radios, Audio and heart sensor applications etc. To implement a Signal processing application in Matlab, we need the following Toolbox support:

  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Matlab Simulink
  • Communication System Toolbox
  • Signal processing Toolbox

Few basic Concepts of signal processing:

  • Convolution
  • Discrete time Fourier series and transform
  • Continuous time modulation
  • Sampling and filtering
  • Discrete time modulation
  • Interpolation
  • Laplace transform
  • Butterworth filters
  • Feedback system
  • Z transform
  • Discrete time sampling


       We have provided few basic concepts used in signal processing applications for scholars to have a glance over it. We will work on all the major and complex concepts of signal processing to make students to hassle free regarding their projects. Let’s have a glance over few recent topics in Matlab Projects on Signals and Systems.

  •  A new security approach image encryption and decryption using AES algorithm based on development of platform using NIOS II soft core processor
  • An efficient performance of Environment Communication and Control Systems Integrated on Teaching Platforms based on Double Water Tank System
  • A novel technique for Ultrasound B-MODE image processing as a MATLAB software tool and as an experimental solution on ARM platform
  • The process of Human-Computer Interface for physically disabled persons based on Single channel electrooculography
  • A secure mechanism for Trust Management-Based Cluster-Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A novel technology for a bandwidth efficient coding technique for spatial modulation and its error performance
  • An efficient approach for the Flatbed Platoon Towing Model for Safe and Dense Platooning on Highways
  • The process for the development of a Self-Healing Strategy to Enhance the Overloading Resilience of Islanded Microgrids
  • An efficient performance of High-Level System Design of IEEE 802.11b Standard-Compliant Link Layer for MATLAB-Based SDR
  • An efficient approach to monitoring the comparison of turbo codes with LDPC codes and with BCH codes for forward error correcting codes
  • The usage of Viola and Jones Algorithm and Principal Component Analysis for detect the Facial Expression