IEEE Matlab Projects have started as an initiative by top experts from the world in a motive to serve the budding students and scholars. We have emphasized about IEEE projects due to its standard and quality. We have worked on all major concepts of IEEE projects in Matlab due to our immeasurable experience. Each time, we take up a new Matlab project; we mine new ideas from our Knowledge hub. We have nearly 50+ experts working on different domains and updating them with the latest journal concepts. This makes our team a knowledge hub where you can find right information for your project.

  Our experts mine knowledge from all the latest IEEE transaction papers. On the other hand, our developers get updated with all the latest tools and technologies. This makes us best due to the quality of information we share with our students. Students, who feel to update their knowledge to reach the path of success, can approach us anytime. We have provided few major applications and topics for students to get an idea about IEEE Matlab projects.


  • Video Surveillance System
  • Biometric Recognition System
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Cryptography Based Security Mechanism
  • Image Forensics Identification
  • Food Dietary Assessment based applications
  • Camera Calibration based applications
  • Video Steganography and image hiding
  • Indian Currency Duplication Identification
  • Medical Imaging(4D and 5D)
  • Intelligence Transportation
  • Human recognition based applications
  • Real time application using Matlab
  • Embedded application integrating with Matlab


  • An efficient approach for analyzing crime patterns based on data mining
  • A new Line Grating Structure on Photo-resist  method to Pattern Distortion Analysis of Surface Plasmon Interference Lithography
  • An efficient functional timing analysis (FTA)  to Speed binning with high-quality structural patterns
  • An efficient approach for Fault Pattern Extraction From Multivariate Time Series Data based on Empirical Sensitivity Analysis of Discretization Parameters
  • A new algorithm two-dimensional lock-in  for signal analysis in patterned images
  • A novel approach electrooculogram (EOG)  for Real-time ‘eye-writing’ recognition
  • A novel mechanism for Oculomotor Plant Characteristics: The Effects of Environment and Stimulus
  • An efficient approach for detect the Heterogeneity of colorectal cancer cell positions based on a cell viability biometrie
  • A new method for the detection of Deep Neural Network for Structural Prediction and Lane in  Traffic Scene
  • A novel technology for tracking the data of  Visual Abstraction and Aggregation of Sequential Patterns in Human Motion based on Motion-flow
  • A new novel filtering method weighted guided image filtering (WGIF)  for Efficient local stereo matching technique
  • An efficient approach to Temporal Skeletonization on Sequential Data: Patterns, Categorization, and Visualization
  • A new novel approach to  finding proper cache prediction model using neural network
  • An efficient approach  Embodying Memristors to Speeding Up Cellular Neural Network Processing Ability
  • A new method for Deep Aging Face Verification With Large Gaps
  • An efficient method  Isocontour Similarity to Visual Analysis of Multi-run Spatio-temporal Simulations for Projected Views
  • An efficient mechanism for Temporally-Constrained Group Sparse Learning for Longitudinal Data Analysis in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • A new technologies for Unsupervised Sparse Pattern Diagnostic of Defects With Inductive Thermography Imaging System
  • An efficient mage Texture Retrieval  approach for the Semi-Variogram and Spectral Distortion Measures
  • A new analysis approach Tone Entropy Analysis of Augmented Information Effects on Toe-Ground Clearance When Walking
  • An efficient data tracking approach for Image-Based Visualization of Eye Tracking Data  based on Gaze Stripes
  • A new method on Deep Convolutional Neural Network  to Lung Pattern Classification for Interstitial Lung Diseases
  • A novel approach Excitation patterns of two auditory models applied for noise induced hearing loss assessment
  • An efficient approach for Time Delay Mapping of High-Resolution Gastric Slow Wave Activity
  • A novel technique to decoding the brain states based on magnetoencephalography from prespecified cortical regions.