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Creating a dissertation is an effective process which involves certain methods and guidelines to be followed. The dissertation includes the essential process like selecting a topic, summarizing techniques, duration and so on. Our professional writer meets the goal that you set. You can geta convenient experience by working with us .This overwhelming process takes ample time to finish, but it is possible for us to complete within a week.

Here are the necessary steps which we incorporate to develop your dissertation:

  1. Topic Selection: We find an aimed and appropriate research topic which overcomes a limitation in existing literature and a new query.
  2. Research Questions & Hypotheses: To give solutions or to check your dissertation we develop particular research problems and theories.
  3. Literature Review: For improving your questions and techniques we organize basic literature surveys to interpret the recent nature of study on your title.
  4. Methodology Overview: Design a summary of the approaches that you employ to gather and observe data which involves qualitative techniques (e.g. interviews and content analysis), quantitative techniques (such as reviews and practical) and a mixed technique.
  5. Data Sources & Sampling: We detect how and where you will collect the data by analyzing example size, sampling methods and data dependency.
  6. Ethical Considerations: Pointing-out all moral problems associated with the research with consent and data security is beneficial to us.
  7. Initial Chapter Outline: For your dissertation that consists of sections like introduction, literature survey, technology, data observations and conclusion.
  8. Timeline & Resources: Overview the duration to finish every phase of your dissertation. We find all required materials like authentication to archives, databases and significant software.
  9. Feedback & Revision: Send your model to mentors and companions to get reviews. You should be ready to refine it according to their feedback.

How many chapters in a 10,000 word dissertation?

       The number of chapters in a 10,000-word dissertation differs according to the theoretical nature, the format suggested by the educational institution and the wide range of content needed for every phase. Below are the sections that we implement into a formal model of a dissertation at this length:

  1. Introduction (1,000 – 1,500 words): This section assigns the stage for the dissertation that introduces the research topic, defines the research question, and summarizes the goals and scope of the project.
  2. Literature Review (2,000 – 2,500 words): In this chapter we look-after similar subjects and previous studies to offer context and background for our research. To occupy the gap, focus on finding gaps.
  3. Methodology (1,500 – 2,000 words): Here we explain the utilized research techniques, involving gathered data and analysis approaches. This chapter evaluates the option of techniques and describes other challenges.
  4. Results/Findings (1,500 – 2,000 words): It shows the data and outcomes of our research in a structured format. This section is based on whether the technique is qualitative, quantitative and both of its mixture.
  5. Discussion (1,500 – 2,000 words): Here we understand the results, explaining how our outcomes align with the research issues and the existing literature. This phase also defines the influence of our detections.
  6. Conclusion (500 – 1,000 words): This is the last section which outlines the study, discusses the key results and explains the wider suggestions. It also prefers fields for future research.
  7. References/Bibliography: It is a crucial chapter of the dissertation that lists all sources referred to in our project. But the word count is not included for this.
  8. Appendices: In this chapter we include any additional resources that are important to the research. This section also does not contain the word count.
Is it possible to complete a dissertation within a week?

Dissertation Topic Selection Services

Struggling to get the right topic for your dissertation …For doctoral candidates and masters students we assist with best dissertation topics across various fields by referring leading journals. Every bit of dissertation topic services are crafted as per your needs.

Some of the latest dissertation topics that we have developed are listed below, explore it contact us for further services.

  1. A Noble Approach for Generating Real Time Firing Pulse for Inverter Using Arduino and MATLAB/Simulink
  2. Comparing Multiple MATLAB/Simulink Models Using Static Connectivity Matrix Analysis
  3. Developing and Assessing MATLAB Exercises for Active Concept Learning
  4. The application of genetic algorithm based on matlab in function optimization
  5. Matlab-Simulink model of solid-state transformer realized with matrix converters
  6. Integration of Omnet++ simulator with Matlab for realizing an adaptive beamforming system
  7. Implementation of the Multi-Dimensional Graph-Based Soft Iterative Receiver for MIMO-OFDM in Matlab
  8. Process simulation of Under Frequency Load Shedding (UFLS) based on Matlab with State flow
  9. The comparison and selection about the improving backpropagation algorithms of the neural networks based on MATLAB language
  10. A MATLAB program for Volterra distortion analysis in CMOS switched source follower
  11. Calibration parameters principles for MATLAB S-functions using CANApe
  12. ROS-MATLAB Interface and Setup for a Fault Tolerant Robotic System Using Human Robot Interaction
  13. Significant improvements in translating the Parks-McClellan Algorithm from its FORTRAN code to its corresponding MATLAB code
  14. MATLAB Simulink modeling and simulation of Zhang neural networks for online time-varying sylvester equation solving
  15. Short MATLAB introductory laboratory for electronic engineering undergraduate students
  16. A Matlab-based teaching of the two-stub smith chart application for electromagnetics class
  17. Integration of MATLAB and LabVIEW for Motor Control Test Bench with Power Analysis
  18. The application research on digital camera calibration with MatLab and photoshop
  19. Elementary Vector Calculus and its Applications with MATLAB Programming
  20. An artificial intelligence based tool for home automation using MATLAB

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