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For developing artificial intelligence (AI) projects, MATLAB is a popular tool mainly in academia and engineering applications. Development process is simplified due to its built-in functions and toolboxes. Scholars wants to perform in-depth research can approach us anytime as our service starts from you and ends with you. Get your Research done at top-notch level by our experts. Let us get to know about the top easy and affordable AI projects for engineering students  on MATLAB that can enhance their AI knowledge further.

Machine Learning

  1. Anomaly Detection:

              We can detect irregular behaviour in datasets by using machine learning. To find fraud detection, quality control in manufacturing, or even in medical diagnosis we make use of this method.

  1. Clustering for Customer Segmentation:

             For grouping customers based on their purchasing behaviour we use unsupervised machine learning techniques.

Computer Vision

  1. Face Recognition:

             A face recognition system is created to categorize people from a dataset of images. It is used in security applications.

  1. Object Tracking:

              To track the movement of specific objects in a video stream we make use of computer vision techniques.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  1. Text Classification:

              It is useful for spam detection or sentiment analysis. The algorithms are implemented to automatically categorize text data.

  1. Chatbot Development:

                A chatbot is created to answer frequently asked questions or assist with tasks, based on text inputs.

Control Systems and Robotics

  1. PID Controller Tuning:

          For optimal system performance we will design a PID controller and use AI to tune its parameters.

  1. Path Planning for Robots:

         An AI algorithm that allows a robot to find the most efficient path from one point to another will be framed out by our developers to, avoid obstacles.

Signal Processing

  1. Speech Recognition:

          A speech-to-text system will be developed which is capable of transcribing spoken language into written text.

  1. ECG Signal Analysis:

          To detect abnormal patterns in ECG signals, which could be indicative of heart conditions we apply machine learning algorithms.

Data Analytics

  1. Time-Series Forecasting:

             Developers generate models to estimate future data points in time-series data, such as stock prices or weather conditions.

  1. Feature Selection for Classification:

             The most relevant features (variables) can be identified by using machine learning in a dataset for more accurate classification tasks.

Power Systems

  1. Load Forecasting:

            By utilizing historical data, we can predict future electrical loads, by aiding in efficient energy management in power grids.

  1. Fault Detection in Electrical Grids:

           To identify and isolate faults in an electrical grid we make use of AI techniques.

Medical Imaging

  1. Tumour Detection in MRI Scans:

           We can locate tumours in MRI scans by developing an algorithm.

  1. X-ray Image Classification:

             To classify X-ray images into categories like normal, fractured, etc can be done by making use of machine learning.


  1. Adaptive Cruise Control:

             An adaptive cruise control system can be implemented to adjust a car’s speed which is based on the conditions of the road and traffic.

  1. Lane-Keeping Assist:

                A lane-keeping system will be developed which uses computer vision to keep a car centered in its lane.


  1. Music Genre Classification:

          To classify music tracks into different genres based on various features like tempo, pitch, etc we implement algorithms.

  1. Weather Prediction:

            To predict future weather conditions by using historical weather data.

We make use of MATLAB’s extensive libraries, toolkits, and user-friendly interface so that we achieve the desired output of the project. Our research experts combine various AI components, run simulations, and evaluate your models using MATLAB’s powerful capabilities. There are more than 50+ branches that you can get access for your AI projects due to our dedication and work quality we stand as worlds No.1 research company for Artificial Intelligence Projects.

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Engineering Students

Artificial intelligence research ideas for students

The list of artificial intelligence research projects for students includes the following. There are several advantages to doing these projects because the topic of AI is diverse and widespread. In addition, your work is safe with us as our team possess a lot of technical knowledge. Project will be well executed using the latest methodologies.

  • Artificial intelligence and expert systems: a technology update
  • TPS life cycle improvements using artificial intelligence
  • GM Plan: a gate matrix layout algorithm based on artificial intelligence planning techniques
  • Artificial intelligence in modern telecommunication systems: analysis and implementation
  • Artificial intelligence-based scan vector reordering for capture power minimization
  • Industrial applications of artificial intelligence
  • Design of a distributed artificial intelligence system shell
  • Adaptive and artificial intelligence-based PSS
  • A Web- and Problem-Based Learning System in Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence-Bayesian analysis system for cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • A New Cyber-Alliance of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Edge Computing
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence on a Symptom Diagnostic Platform for Telemedicine A Pilot Case Study
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education and Learning (AI in Research)
  • Interference Cancellation in FECG using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  • Dynamic model to manage threats in software development projects through artificial intelligence techniques
  • The relationship between artificial intelligence and data mining: application to future military information systems
  • Artificial intelligence: a feasibility study into a fault diagnosis system with Hewlett-Packard’s customer service centre
  • On the history of AI applications. II. IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Application of artificial intelligence to the DoD directory
  • Artificial intelligence in psychiatry: issues and questions

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