Matlab Assignment Solutions is our best solutions for students assignments for which students need our support. Why student’s aid for help, what are the major topics where students need help and what all is important to accomplish an assignment is major aspects which we focus. To accomplish an assignment in MATLAB, the foremost important things that we need to know is major algorithms in Matlab, Matlab tool boxes and its support, dataset used, and its major interfaces and hardware support. Using all these, students can explore any topic in Matlab. We have provided nearly 5000+ projects in Matlab using different concepts. We update our self as we are members in 500+ top journals which provide us an opportunity to work in most recent and updated topics. We have worked in every domain where Matlab can be used and have a list of 6000 projects.

Matlab Assignment Solutions 

      Matlab Assignment Solutions helps student in any field and topic in which they expect their assignment. We just expect students to say about their need, all other parts we can see for them as assisting student is our work. Matlab integration with hardware platform is a hot topic attracting majority of students. For this reason, we have emphasized here about hardware integration with Matlab and its major applications.

How to connect Matlab with hardware:

  • Basic OS support- Ubuntu(32 and 64 bits), Windows(32 and 64 bits), Linux (64 bits) ,MAC OS X(64 bits)
  • System requirements: Memory- 1 GB to 3GB ,CPU(2.5 GHz)
  • Matlab version- 2013 a and above
  • Need third party as JAVA( jdk 1.6 and above)-used as Jar files

Connection procedure:

    For wired connection:

  • We mainly use USB and serial port to connect with external hardware.
  • Then we have to set port number in device manager using serial port.
  • We need to include following data in our code Bits per second, Data bit, Parity and stop bit Initialize components using commands Create objects and using it read and writes the kit Information

For wireless communication:

  • Use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Need client server connection and IP address

Major applications:

  • Robotics systems
  • Electronic devices control
  • Face authentication
  • Power plant control
  • Used to integrate sensor and camera

Other major supports:

  • Matlab with Android
  • Matlab with STMicroelectronics
  • Matlab with Keysight
  • Matlab with ARM, Altera
  • National Instrument support in Matlab
  • Matlab with Rasberry pi
  • Matlab with Xilinx
  • Matlab support for iPhone and iPad
  • Simulink support for iPhone and iPad
  • RTL-SDR support using communication system toolbox
  • Prototyping Internet of things using Thinkspeak and Matlab
  • LEGO with Matlab


          Above we have mentioned about Hardware integration with Matlab, it is just a sample we have provided for you to make you understand that taking a sample application, how we work on its all aspect.  Like this we work on all major applications of Matlab, it all depends upon students need.


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