List of Matlab Projects


List of Matlab Projects provides complete list of Matlab projects according to the domain. Matlab is one of the best development environment due to it fundamentals and function. Matlab is a scripting language which uses predefined matlab commands and functions. It makes it easy to program which is the reason why many scholars and students prefer Matlab project. It has numerous toolboxes for every domain which makes it best platform for specific application development. For example, it contains parallel computing toolbox for applications based on parallel computing domain. When such an amazing platform is there, why to think about other platforms, let’s start working on it.

Matlab Projects List

List of Matlab Projects provides an insight about Matlab projects for students to get an idea about Matlab. The major reason for students to prefer Matlab is based on its features like

  • Easy algorithm implementation
  • Matrix manipulations
  • User interface creation
  • Interfacing with other languages like C, C++, JAVA, FORTRAN etc
  • Functions and data plotting

In short, we can say that Matlab is the best platform for developing numerous applications. We have provided list of few projects along with its domain for students to get an insight about Matlab projects. Not only the below mentioned projects, we are ready to help our students in any domain and topic. Students can approach us any time along with their needs and can get their work done within their time flexibility.

Sample Projects based on Domain

 Neural Networks and Remote Sensing based Matlab projects
  • License plate identification (Artificial neural network and wavelet transformed feature selection)
  • Change detection in Images using Multivariate statistical Model
  • Region level Markov Random field Model using Image fuzzy clustering
  • Image shadow detection and removal using local color constancy computation
Information and Multimedia Forensics based Matlab projects
  • Biometric Watermarking using Robust histogram shape based Method
  • Enabling data trust cyber, social and also physical computing using reversible watermarking technique
  • Spread spectrum watermarking in Audio signals using channel capacity analysis
Image processing applications
  • Detection of anomalies in surveillance video
  • Energy conservation using basic color coding
  • Image hiding and cryptography
Biomedical Imaging based Matlab projects
  • Automated vessel segmentation of Retinal Images also using Infinite perimeter active contour model
  • Glaucoma screening using sparse dissimilarity
  • Automated counting of RBC also using mathematical morphology
  • A method for Automatic polyp detection also in wireless capsule endoscopy images
  • And also more
Surveillance and security system based Matlab projects
  • Human action detection using spatial and also temporal extents
  • Real time traffic surveillance using genetic algorithm based moving object detection
  • Real time fire detection also using video surveillance application
  • Visual object tracking using structure complexity coefficients
  • Multi-feature joint sparse representation also for Multiple object tracking
  • And also so on
Embedded system based Matlab Projects
  • Hand gesture recognition also using super pixel
  • Visual surveillance using abandoned object detection
  • And also many more

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