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Matlab Major Projects brings you a collection of novel ideas and innovative concepts mined with top experts’ help. Major projects do not signify the task or size of the project; it signifies the underlying innovative concept, which will make your research a remarkable success. Choose from wide options to implement matlab major projects for your research work. We have a membership with the top 500+ journals worldwide, which makes us updated with every new concept registered. On the other hand, our developers update themselves with all the recent areas and tools. Both this approach makes us informative and knowledgeable, which makes us a knowledge hub for students searching for innovative ideas. Join us; we will be your support for your successful research completion.

Matlab Major Projects For Engineering Students

   Generally, Matlab Major Projects offers you a wide collection of research topics, which will upgrade your career profile. Matlab is one of the best platforms due to its advanced features like data integration, Numerical computation, Programming interface, and wide toolbox support. We have provided below complete information about Matlab programming, tools, metrics, and algorithms for students to glance over it before taking up a Matlab project. After you get an idea about Matlab, you can refer to the topics enumerated below, which will give you the initiative to undertake your project.

Matlab Programming Features

  • Programming using OOPS
  • GPU and GUI programming
  • Interfacing with C,C++, java and Fortran
  • Problem solving , iterative exploration and design using Interactive environment
  • Support for mathematical functions(Optimization, solving ODE, numerical integration)
  • Built in graphics for visualizing data and tools to enhance performance
  • Application building tools
  • Development tools for enhancing code quality
  • And also many more

Platform Support In Matlab

Latest version (R2016a- ver. 9.4) features

  • Superpixel support(using SLIC)
  • Calculate 3D gradient magnitude, elevations and directions
  • Image batch processor support
  • Image segmenter for flood-fill and adaptive thresholding
  • And so on

   Works on Windows (XP, 7 and 8), Linux, Ubuntu, and MAC OS X (64 bits). For security analysis- False positive rate, detection rate, true positive rate.

25 major matlab projects with source code for students

Tools And Languages Integrated With Matlab

  • OpenCV
  • Optisystems
  • Weka
  • Java using JAR files
  • C,C++ , Python and also Fortran integration using MEX functions
  • VLfeat
  • And also many more

Algorithm Development Using Matlab (Using Matlab Toolbox)

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Artificial neural network algorithms
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Pattern recognition algorithms
  • AI algorithms
  • DSP algorithm development
  • And so on

Performance Metrics Used In Matlab

  • For segmentation- True Positive, False Positive, True Negative, False Negative, Similarity, and also F1 Measure
  • For-classification – Sensitivity, specificity, Accuracy, ROC Curve, and also Confusion Matrix
  • For feature extraction- Entropy, Correlation, Contrast, and also Homogeneity
  • For denoising – PSNR(Peak signal to noise ratio), also MSE(Mean square error)

Research Topics In Matlab

  • The process of micro bio-me sample visualization also based on UniFrac distance and Laplace matrix by using an efficient algorithm
  • The performance of Wind Power Generation also based on a  Novel Multi phase Brush-less Power-Split Transmission System
  • An efficient approach also for Fast Regression-Based Super-Resolution based on Antipodally Invariant Metrics
  • The new process of Full Diversity Uncoordinated Cooperative Transmission perform also on Asynchronous Relay Networks
  • An efficient process Optimality of Fast Matching Algorithms also for Random Networks with Applications to Structural Controllability

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