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Matlab Based Final Year Projects for EEE is one of our novel services started with the collaborative efforts of renowned researchers and experts from all over the world. Electrical and electronics engineering deals with the study of Electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics system with a huge range of components, devices, and electrical circuit design. Matlab provides complete support for implementing an electronics project using its Simulink interface and vast toolbox support. We offer complete support for Matlab Based Final Year Projects for EEE students with the help of our proficient experts and world-class developers. Students aid for external guidance due to the lack of technical knowledge, project development ideas, lack of information regarding electronic components, and inadequate lab facility.

We have come up as a one-stop solution for students’ needs to make them hassle-free regarding their project. As an initial step towards our guidance and support, we have provided a few major application areas and research topics for students to get an idea for their final year electrical engineering projects with circuit diagram. All the below-mentioned application areas are based on the concept of Matlab-hardware interfacing i.e., the applications will be developed using either Simulink/KIT and will be interfaced with Matlab. Have a glance over it to get a better idea regarding Matlab/hardware interfacing concepts.

Major Areas To Explore

Global System For Mobile Communication [GSM]

  • Smart agriculture system
  • Smart home appliance[temperature and also humidity information]
  • Tube well control
  • And so on

Speed Control DC Motors [Electric Circuits Design]

  • Pulse width Modulation
  • Fuzzy logic controller
  • Fuzzified particle swarm optimization
  • And so on

Global Positioning System [GPS]

  • Car theft Monitoring system
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Bus ticket system
  • And also many more

Monitoring Systems [Control Automation]

  • Vehicle dynamic monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Respiratory monitoring
  • Remote patient monitoring system
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • And also more

Designing Power Plant

  • Solar power plant
  • Hydro power plant
  • Steam thermal power plant
  • Natural gas power plant
  • And so on
Matlab Projects for Final Year Electrical Electronics Engineering students

AC Voltage Regulator [Electric Circuit Design]

  • Single phase PWM AC Controller
  • Pulse width Modulation DC-AC convertor
  • Thyristor voltage regulator
  • PWM AC voltage controller
  • Sinusoidal pulse width modulation
  • And also more

Bio-Medical Applications

  • Heart rate monitoring system
  • Kidney stone detection
  • Monitoring Neuromuscular system
  • Modeling of HMI logic of Medical devices
  • Development of cardiac pacemaker also using Simulink
  • And so on

Matlab Based Final Year Project Topics For EEE

  • Comparison analysis between affine T-S fuzzy systems and also T-S Fuzzy systems as a non linear control system models
  • Design of TDOF PID Control system using MD-PID Control system and also its sensitivities
  • Classical approach for the design and computer aided analysis of linear and also non linear multivariate control systems
  • Heterogeneous wireless networked control system using CMAC PID Control and also modify smith predictor
  • Non linear systems and also its application to power system using SDM hybrid Control approach
  • Simulation and evaluation of automated material handling systems and also real time control systems of AGVs
  • Case study on Joint design of communication and also control in wireless networked control system
  • Use of Reaction force observer also for Fault tolerant control system of flexible arm for sensor fault
  • Study of Integrated chassis control algorithm with suspension control systems and also brake control systems for vehicle performance handling and stability
  • An novel approach to design agent based cyber control strategy also for resilient control systems

   We hope you would feel contented with our information. We have focused on Matlab/hardware interfacing based concepts for students also to get some innovative ideas for their project. For further guidance on how to interface Matlab with hardware devices/KIT, approach our online tutoring service. You can also approach us if you wish to work on Matlab/Simulink based application designing or implementation. We are here to resolve all your queries regarding your matlab based final year project for EEE with our expertise and also vast experience. Approach us anytime as we are there for you 24/7.


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