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WI-FI Network Simulator Projects are rendered by our research concern for students from various parts of the world. We have started our research foundation seven years before with an only focus on creating innovation in the minds and thoughts of young researchers. We are proud to say that we have served nearly 5000+ students with our innovative and ingenious project ideas. Our team of dynamic researchers and versatile developers has accomplished nearly 1000+ Wi-Fi Network Simulator projects with the only motive of student’s satisfaction and contentment.

We offer complete project guidance support and additional supports like Journal publication [SCI, SCOPUS, and ISI], conference support, Thesis/dissertation writing support, etc. Approach us with your project need; we can assure you that we will offer you the best solution for all your project needs.

Wi-Fi Network Simulator Tools

  • OMNET++
  • And so on
Wifi Network Simulator Projects with Source code

Recent Research Topics

  • Optimizing unlicensed spectrum sharing for Wi-Fi and also LTE-U Networks
  • POMDP Approach: Implementation of access strategy also in super Wi-Fi Network powered by Solar energy harvesting
  • Towards future Mobile Cloud services also using Software defined exchange for the virtualized Wi-Fi Networks
  • Intra-network interference and also Wi-Fi Network planning issues in large industrial warehouses
  • Transmit power and dynamic channel adaptation of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks also in rescue and search operations
  • Energy optimization in Wi-Fi Networks using Delay sensitive traffic
  • Implementation of prediction also based personalized offloading of cellular traffic via Wi-Fi Networks
  • Performance analysis and dynamic channel selection also for high speed train Wi-Fi Networks
  • Implementation of jamming-resistant reactive frequency hopping also in Cognitive Wi-Fi Network using Channel selection strategy
  • Seamless Flow mobility based Network architectures between Wi-Fi Networks and also LTE
  • Energy efficient load balancing approach also in LTE-WiFi internetworking heterogeneous networks

   We have provided a few recent research topics for Wi-Fi Network Simulator projects. For further topic assistance as per your area of interest, approach us through our online service. We are pleased to support you if you have already framed your project idea. Contact us anytime [24/7 available]; we are here to assist you.

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