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Network Simulators Comparison provides you a better understanding of the various simulation tools available. There are numerous simulation tools available today, each having its own specific features and functions. One must understand the project’s scope to opt for the perfect simulation tool for their project accomplishment. We have worked on various network simulation tools and have accomplished numerous research projects.

Generally, We have nearly 100+ skilled developers and network engineers, working with us for the past ten years in an only motive to serve students with their vast experience and knowledge. Get to know more in detail about network simulators comparison with guidance from experts. We have provided a few major simulation tools and their comparison for student’s reference. To get more information about various other simulation tools, approach us through our online tutoring service. Our experts will tutor you on Network Simulators’ basics to give you a better understanding of the available simulation tools.

Network Simulators Comparison

NS 2 (Network Simulator Version 2)

  • NS-2 is a popular open source discrete event simulator based on OTCL and C++ language
  • NS 2 supports for both wireless and wired communications networks and protocols
  • And so on

NS 3(Network Simulator Version 3)

  • NS 3 is a discrete event network simulator, which is entirely written in C++ with optional python binding
  • Open source simulation tool with distributed simulation support
  • And also more

Omnet++ (Objective Modular Network Tested In C++)

  • OMNET++ is a component based discrete event simulator tool, which is completely written in c++.
  • It offers a graphical runtime environment, Eclipse-based IDE and host of other tools.
  • Tracing and debugging is much easier than other simulators
  • And so on


  • Qualnet is a commercial simulator based on the C++ language
  • Used as a Network planning, analyzing and testing tool
  • And also more


  • OPNET [optimized Network Engineering Tools] is a commercial simulator used to simulate large networks
  • Written in C and C++
  • Supporting OS: Windows 7, XP, Windows NT 4.0 and vista.
  • Integrated GUI based analysis and debugging
  • And so on


  • It is based on the C language [PARSEC] and is used for parallel computing
  • Glomosim is an open source software, but Qualnet [derived from GloMosim] is a commercial version
  • And also many more

Netsim (Network Simulator)

  • Net-sim is a stochastic discrete event network simulator tool (proprietary software) used for protocol modeling and simulation.
  • Netsim is written in C and java, with support for Slotted aloha, aloha, Token Bu and Ring, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/e and n. Frame Relay, X.25, UDP, TCP, IPV4 and IPV6, RIP, GSM, BGP, MPLS, Wi-Max, CDMA, WSN, Ethernet CSMA/CD
  • And so on
Comparison of network simulator

Network Simulator Based Research Projects

  • The usage of a Hybrid Systems Approach also to Modeling Real-Time Situation-Awareness Component of Networked Crash Avoidance Systems
  • A new mechanism for Latency and also Traffic Reduction for Process-Level Network in Smart Substation Based on High-Availability Seamless Redundancy
  • An efficient process of improving QoE in HTTP adaptive streaming also by using Video quality adaptation scheme
  • A new performance of an Energy Consumption Evaluation of Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocols  also in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
  • A new secure approach a reliable data aggregation mechanism with Homo morphic Encryption also in Smart Grid AMI networks
  • The performance of HTTP adaptive streaming also based on play out buffer model based on Client-side rate adaptation scheme
  • The process of health care monitoring also by using Formation of virtual groups in WBAN
  • A new process of Energy-Efficient User Association also in Cellular Networks From Population Game Perspective

Latest Topics In-Network Simulators Comparison

  • A technique for quantum cryptography through simultaneously improving both security level and data rate also by using Super crypt
  • A new mechanism for Virtualization based ethical educational platform for hands-on lab activities also on DoS attacks
  • The new scheme for Adaptive duty cycling based multi-hop PSMP also for internet of multimedia things
  • A new technique for Combining Open Fabrics Software and also Simulation Tools for Modeling Infini Band-Based Interconnection Networks
  • A novel approach for the Performance Comparison of Different Routing Protocols in Sparse and also Dense VDTNs
  • A Consistent Policy Update Scheme also for Software-Defined Networking based on Reverse Update
  • An efficient usage of a Stochastic Geometry Approach also used to the Modeling of DSRC for Vehicular Safety Communication

   We hope you would have got an idea about Network Simulators. The Network Simulators comparison enumerated above will give you an insight into the various available network simulators. For further information about any particular network simulator, approach us through our online service. Along with basic tutoring on Network Simulators, we offer complete project guidance support. Approach us anytime; we are here to serve your queries and requirements.

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