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Network Simulation Projects is one of our significant services that start with the collaborative efforts of top experts and dedicated professionals from all over the world. In-Network simulator provides a versatile, integrated, and easy to use GUI based network designer tool to simulate and design network using networking protocols. Network simulation is a way, which allows researchers to test scenarios that are expensive and difficult to simulate in the real world. It is mainly used to test new networking protocols or any modification in existing protocols in a reproducible and control environment.

We have implemented nearly 1000+ Network simulator projects using various network simulators. Our experience and expertise are immeasurable and immense, which makes us the world no.1 institute today. You can approach us for your project aid using any network simulator, as we have versatile developers who can accomplish your project as per your requirements. Get our expert guidance to enhance your academic performance with high grades and reach the highest pinnacle of your desired success.

Network Simulation

  • Network simulation is a technique use to mimic the real behavior of Network on a computer. It is also used to predict the system behavior accurately.
  • Network-Simulator is used for:
    • Modeling the traffic flow between the nodes
    • Provides output using performance metrics and also packet flow can be visualized and animated
    • Provides cost effective method for network design and also validation
    • Models the network topology and also specifies the nodes and links used between the nodes for depicting the real time networks
Implementing research network simulation projects

Network Simulators Used

NS2[Network Simulator 2]

  • Discrete event simulator with a substantial support for routing and multicast protocols over wireless and  also wired networks.
  • Open source simulator, written in C++ and also OTCL
  • Here , C++ is use as a core language with OTCL scripting language
  • Platform Support[Windows, Linux, and also MAC OS X]
  • And so on

Network Simulator 3[NS3]

  • Open source network simulator used to support the simulation of IP and also Non-IP based networks
  • Language support[C++ with python binding]
  • It is targeted for research and educational use.
  • Platform Support[Linux, FreeBSD, and also MAC OS X]
  • And so on

Omnet++[ Optical Micro Network Plus Plus]

  • It is a modular, extensible and also component based simulation framework used for network simulation.
  • Language used[C++ Modular support]
  • Requires INET framework and uses Eclipse based IDE
  • Platform support[Linux, Windows, MAC OS X]
  • Supported Simulation Models[VEINS, OVERSIM, INETMANET, and allso MIXIM, CASTALIA ]
  • And so on

Opnet[Optimized Network Engineering Tools]

  • High level event based network, also used to simulate heterogeneous Networks with various protocols
  • Commercial version and also Language used[C/C++]
  • It is used for modeling traffic, protocols and also queuing networks in both communication and distributed systems
  • And also more


  • Commercial Network simulator used to predict wireless, wired and also mixed platform network performance and behavior
  • It is used to simulate large and also heterogeneous networks
  • Language support[uses C/C++]
  • And also many more


  • Discrete event simulator used to simulate data and also voice communication scenario for high frequency Global communication systems
  • Commercial simulator with object oriented approach
  • Language support[Java-platform independent]
  • And so on

Real C

  • Used to study the dynamic behavior of congestion flow and also control schemes in a packet switch data network
  • Language support[Written in C which create a graph structure]
  • And also more

J –Sim [Java Sim]

  • Java based simulation used to build and also analyze quantitative numeric models
  • Language used[Java with TCL scripting]
  • Uses loosely coupled and also component based programming model
  • And so on

Other Simulators

  • GloMoSim
  • Graphical Network simulator 3
  • Heterogeneous grooming optical network simulator
  • Georgia tech Network simulator[GTNetS]
  • NetWiser
  • Shunra[performance testing also for applications]
  • NetScale[Scalable Network simulation tool]
  • Modelnet
  • Commercial Network emulators[NetDisturb and also packetstorm]
  • SSFNet
  • Marionnet
  • LINE Network Emulator
  • Mininet
  • Psimulator2
  • Shadow
  • And also many more

   We hope you would have got an idea about Network simulators used to accomplish network simulation projects. We have provided a few major network simulators for your reference; for further guidance, approach our experts through our online tutoring service. You can choose any network simulator and concept for your project accomplishment; we are there to support you with the help of our expert’s team of researchers. Aid us for your project and experience our all-round support.


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