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Types of Network Simulators enumerate the list of Network simulation tools available for students and scholars to perform their research work in a cost-effective manner. Some of the simulators are commercial, while some are open-source simulators. We offer support for all types of Network Simulators as our ultimate goal is student satisfaction. We have accomplished numerous projects using various simulation tools, which reflect our versatility and dynamic work nature.

Our dedicated professionals and developers have a minimum experience of 10years and are working with us in an only motive to serve the budding students with their vast experience and expertise to work on types of network simulators. We prefer a project-based learning approach, i.e., project guidance support; we offer complete tutoring service on any particular simulation tool preferred by the students. To avail our service, approach us through mail/call. We will always be there for you, now and forever.

Types Of Network Simulators

  • NS-2, NS-3(opensource software)
  • Qualnet, Opnet, Omnet++(proprietary software)
  • Jist, Swans
  • Netsim, Optsim,Physim
  • GTNetS, cnet
  • GloMoSim
  • OpenPana, Optisystem
  • Cooja
  • PetriNet, Kompics, Veins, TranS
  • Netkit(command line based tool)
  • Marrionet, Groovenet, Itetris
  • Emstar, J-sim, ATEMU, Avrora, TOSSIM (using in wireless sensor networks)
  • GNS-3(Supporting Cisco and Juniper software)
  • IMUNES(Network research tool)
  • Mininet(support research in software defined networking technologies)
  • Psimulator2(Describe basic IP networking concepts)
  • Shadow(Open source network simulator)
  • LTESim(simulate LTE networks)
  • Cloonix and CORE (use in graphical interface)
  • And so on
Different Types of Network Simulator

Network Simulator Based Project Topics

  • The process of micro grid cyber-physical analysis also based on Real-time co-simulation test bed
  • An efficient performance of Simulating Search Protocols also in Large-Scale Dynamic Networks
  • A new secure mechanism for blocking epidemic propagation also in vehicular networks
  • A new approach for Robust linear quadratic Gaussian-based discrete mode wide area power system damping controller
  • A method for Channel characteristics study also for future indoor millimeter and sub millimeter wireless communications
  • The performance of an Assignment-Based Approach also to Efficient Real-Time City-Scale Taxi Dispatching
  • A new process of a Simulation Framework also for Cache-enabled Transparent Computing Systems
  • The process of Mobile Network Simulation also based on Efficient and Consistent Path Loss Model
  • A new mechanism also for Online Data Integrity Attacks against Real-Time Electrical Market in Smart Grid
  • A new method for Feasible cooperative communication also with IEEE 802.11a based devices for multi-hop networks
  • An efficient performance of Minimum Dependencies Energy-Efficient Scheduling also in Data Centers
  • A new scheme for Fractal spiral capacitor for wireless applications
  • A novel approach for Formal modeling and also verification of Rumor Routing protocol
  • A new technique for Reducing Under-Frequency Load Shedding in Isolated Power Systems Using Neural Networks also based on Gran Canaria
  • The usage of Topology-Aware Partitioning also for Reducing Static Energy in Supercomputer Interconnection Networks

   We have enumerated few major types of Network Simulators above for student’s reference. Students can approach us regarding their project, assignment, or lab sessions using any of the above-mentioned simulation tool/any latest tool; we are ready to provide our all-around guidance support at 24/7.

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