Solar Wind Research Projects


Solar Wind Research Projects paves a powerful path for your research. Solar Wind System is a hybrid renewable energy system that combines Photovoltaic (PV) system with Wind system. To be sure, the main intend is to increase the power generation from renewable systems. Owing to this ability, Solar Wind systems has long-run applications including Solar-Wind Buildings, Lighting and so on.

What is the need for Solar Wind Systems?

As we all already know, stand-alone renewable system such as solar or wind has proven its efficacy. On the other hand, they depend on some constraints. That is to say, Solar system depends on sunlight density and Wind system depends on wind speed. Thus, the stand-alone systems unable to fulfill the current power needs. With this in mind, hybrid Solar Wind Research Projects begins to evolve.

How the Solar Wind System Works?

In general, Solar Wind Systems work upon the following components,

  • PV Arrays
  • Wind Turbine
  • Regulation
  • Inverter and Converion
  • Generator
  • Batteries

At first, the PV panel converts the sunlight into direct current (DC) by PV effect. At the same time, the wind turbine produces alternate current (AC) through mechanical methods. Then, the batteries store the energy to supply load such as home. Though this process is simple yet effective, solar wind systems also have some limits. In broad, the following research issues need better attention from scholars in recent times.

Research Challenges- Frame Your Research

  • Optimal Switching between PV and Wind
  • Predictive Control Mechanisms for Tracking
  • Power Quality and Battery Management
  • Automatic Charging Duty Cycling
  • Topological Control and Design

To cope with these issues, most of the scholars intend to design new Solar Wind systems. Surely, a new design will uplift the efficacy of such systems. To mention that we have built 10K novel solar wind architectures. All in all, we assure better outcomes in each project.

Trending Ideas- In order To Build Your Solar Wind Research Projects

  • Peak demand management by grid supplies
  • MPPT tuning through Neutrosophic Intelligence
  • Multi-MW hybrid system with optimal configuration
  • Reactive power injection by grid-tie inverter
  • Fuzzy PID controller to increase power generation
  • Virtual synchronous generator model and control

The above topics will ignite your research. Once you opt the topic, then you have to do deep research. For this purpose, we have a team of experts with excess skills in this field. As a result, they will do more for your work to grab success. In a word, just a phone call will change your career. Yes, you can start your research with us at the moment when you share your thoughts with us.

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