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Wind Turbine Solar Energy Projects enable you to prove your thoughts on this environmentally friendly energy source. To begin with, let us say that wind and solar are two renewable energy for electricity production process. As the name itself tells that wind turbine (WT) uses wind, in the same way, solar uses sunlight. To know more detail about wind turbine solar energy projects have a chat with our expert panel team.

In the field of renewable energy, wind turbine and solar energy are equally important since they serve all the home appliances. The production depends on the weather condition (wind speed and temperature of sun rays) in which the turbine and panels are present.

By Now, Let Us Know The Classes Of Wind Turbine And Solar Energy System Below

Noteworthy Types In Renewable Wind And Solar

Wind Energy System  
  • Horizontal axis WT
  • Vertical axis WT
Solar Energy System
  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Thin-film
Solar Wind Turbine energy Production Projects using matlab

   The point often overlooked in these energy sources is either separate or hybrid in the Wind Turbine Solar Energy Projects. To be sure, in recent days, it is in use to charge the battery of the electric vehicle. By means of conversion, the fuel for the vehicle is ready to use.

   In fact, the hybrid use of energy sources is better since the solar gives high production from sunrise to sunset, whereas the wind acts only when the wind speeds after sunset.

Top 5 Advanced Methods for Wind Turbine Solar Energy Projects

Speed Control Methods
  • Linear Active Disturbance Rejection
  • 5-phase PMSG
  • Sliding mode observer method
  • Operating curve shifting
  • Teaching-Learning Optimization
Battery Charging Methods
  • Power peak load shifting mixing
  • Optimal sizing with GA
  • MPPT with enhanced PSO
  • Extended Kalman filter
  • Unidirectional Dual bridge topology

   With attention to this, the basic need for electricity is a resource. That is to say; it is free of cost in this energy system. But still, it needs cost, space, and time to build. In simple, hybrid wind and solar energy consist of a generator, converter, wind turbine, and solar panel. Without a doubt, these elements are essential for an energy system design.

Applications Of Hybrid Wind Turbine And Solar Energy System

  • Rural Electrification
  • Storage plant Grid Power or Residential system
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Distribution generation
  • Underground heat induction
  • Vietnamese Electricity System
  • Seawater pumping and also storage system
  • Battery assisted Microgrid
  • And many more

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