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Wind Turbine Research Projects boost up your projects with the everyday stuff. First of all, the Wind Turbine that is Wind Energy Converter is the key element of the wind energy system. In the core, it converts the wind energy (kinetic energy) into electrical energy. Generally, To meet the growing need for electricity, the world starts to use renewable energy and start to implement more wind turbine research projects. In that, Wind System has great attention. Thus, research on wind turbines is also a mandate.

How Wind Turbine Works?

   In broad, wind turbine has a number of types such as Horizontal Axis, Vertical Axis, Darrieus, and also Giromill. Right now, counter-rotating turbines, highway turbines, and light pole turbines are some of the evolving types. In any of the type, a turbine has the following components,

  • Rotor and Generator
  • Controller and Naccelle
  • Anemometer and Brake
  • Yaw Drive and Motor
  • High and Low Speed Shaft
  • Gearbox and Pitch

   First, the rotor with turbine blades converts the wind energy into low-speed rotational energy. Then, the generator converts this energy into high-speed electric energy. As it happens, this is the basic logic for all wind turbines.

Wind Turbine Research Projects using Matlab

Substantial Parameters- Model Your Wind Turbine

  • Coefficient Power (by Buckingham Theorem)
  • Thrust Coefficient
  • Speed Ratio
  • Lift and also Drag

   As well in Wind Turbine Research Projects, the above metrics are vital. Not to mention that each wind turbine system considers these parameters. By means all, to do in-depth research in this field, it is basic to learn all of them.

Innovative Concepts- Begin Your Wind Turbine Research Projects

Design Oriented Research Ideas
  • Optimal Rotor Diameter Tuning
  • Glass and Hybrid Materials based Design
  • Reduction in Fiber Sizing by Carbon Nanotubes
  • Recycling and Repowering Wind Turbines
Control oriented Research Ideas
  • Power Control (Stall and Furling)
  • Generator Torque and also Yawing
  • Mechanical and Electrical Braking
  • Dynamic Damping Control

   In the above, we make known to the main research themes in two main classes. So far, Hybrid Energy Systems (Solar and Wind) is the recent research area. Besides this area, many efforts put on automatic control over the wind turbines.

On-Going Wind Turbine Research Topics

  • Automatic Control (SCADA and Vibration based)
  • Predictive Maintenance and also Condition Monitoring
  • Failure Prevention by using Machine Learning
  • Frequency Domain Analysis for Drive-Train Faults
  • Measurement Validation by IDS and also IPS
  • Integration with Smartgrid and also Microgrids

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